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Assessment, Recording and Reporting

Students are regularly assessed in all subjects to ensure that work is appropriate to their needs, to check on progress made and to allow us to inform parents. Targets are set for all students as part of this process, and PBT time allows us to work with them to discuss and review progress and agree targets for improvement.

Every parent can expect the following communications within an academic year:

  • Progress Tracking information will be sent home on a termly basis, one of which will be a full report
  • An opportunity to meet your son/daughter's group tutor (Year 7 and 12) 
  • A meeting with subject teachers

Key Stage 3

A new assessment method was introduced in the Autumn Term of 2016-17 which was launched at a Parents' Information Evening in November. A copy of the presentation can be view by clicking the link below.

pdf iconParent Information Evening - Assessment Update (Autumn 2016).pdf (1.9MB)

Examples of the new grade descriptors for Key Stage 3 were also introduced on the evening. Grade descriptors for all subjects can be found below in the Assessment Handbook 2016-17.

pdf iconAssessment Handbook 2016-17.pdf (703.7KB)

A parent / carer guide to progress tracking has been produced to help parents understanding the progress monitoring system used by Ilkley Grammar School.

pdf iconGuide to KS3 Progress Tracking 2017-18.pdf (271.7KB)

Key Stage 4

From September 2015 reformed GCSEs will start to be introduced that will be assessed using the new GCSE grades of 9-1. A parent / carer guide to progress tracking for Key Stage 4 has been produced to help parents / carers understanding the progress monitoring system used by Ilkley Grammar School and the national changes to GCSEs.

pdf iconGuide to KS4 Progress Tracking.pdf (216KB)

pdf iconParent Carer Guide to Progress Tracking at Ilkley Grammar School KS4 2017-18.pdf (261.6KB)

Key Stage 5

A guide to Post 16 progress tracking is also available to help parents understand the progress monitoring system used by Ilkley Grammar School. 

pdf iconGuide to KS5 Progress Tracking 2017-18.pdf (219KB)

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