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Government and Politics

Government and Politics is taught at 'A' Level. Few academic subjects are as central to our everyday lives as Government and Politics. Politics dominates domestic and foreign news and political decisions help to determine how we are educated, housed, cared for in hospital and kept secure from crime and violence.

Studying Politics means studying the real world and developing the skills to make sense of that world. A qualification in politics is not geared to any particular type of job but prepares students for many forms of employment or further study. Students gain investigative and practical skills, invaluable in today's competitive employment market. Politics students are recognised as flexible people who can fit into a variety of positions in modern life.

In the first year of the course we study the following topics: Political Systems and Voting Behaviour; Politics of the UK; Government of the UK. In Year 2 we look at Unit 4: Comparative UK / USA Government.

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