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The Library and Learning Resource Centre

The Library and Learning Resource Centre (LLRC) is committed to helping students reach their learning goals and become independent life-long learners by:

  • Providing a quality stock of hard copy and online resources
  • Encouraging enthusiasm for reading and learning
  • Promoting effective research skills

Using the LLRC

  • The LLRC has a total of 33 computers – 17 desktops and 16 laptops
  • We have over 11000 hardcopy resources (books, DVDs and journals), and over 19000 bibliographic resources in total (including cited websites – correct at July 2014).
  • Student participation and input is always encouraged – requests, reviews and opinions in particular.
  • With the exception of water, eating and drinking is not allowed in the library.

Online Resources

The LLRC has invested, and is continuing to invest, in a range of curriculum based online resources which will grow and adapt to student needs. Most of these are available 24/7 wherever there is internet access.

Opening Times

8.00 am – 4.00 pm
Tuesday – Friday8.30 am – 4.00 pm

Lunchtime rota system

Due to high demand and restricted space, a rota system operates at lunchtime, which is as follows:

Week A
 Week B
Years 7 & 9
MondayYears 8 & 10
Years 8 & 10
TuesdayYears 7 & 9
Years 7 & 9
WednesdayYears 8 & 10
Years 8 & 10
ThursdayYears 7 & 9
Years 7 & 9
FridayYears 8 & 10

Year 11 and Post 16 may use the library any time.


Oliver is the library management and search system. No log in is required for staff or students. It is accessible via RealSmart, as an app on iPads inside or outside school depending on internet access, or directly on all school computers. Simply enter the search term in the top left hand side of the screen .This can be author/title or subject, or ISBN if you know it, and all search results will be displayed.


All staff and students are registered library users – no tickets required. Students may borrow 2 fiction and 2 non-fiction books at a time, plus one DVD and one journal. The loan period for books is 2 weeks, 2 days for DVDs and journals. All are renewable.


Borrowers who fail to return items by their due date will be sent a first overdue notice as soon as the loan becomes overdue. A second will be sent a week later and a final one a week after that. Students who fail to respond to the final overdue will be sent a finance letter and a charge for replacement will be added to their ParentPay account, which will be removed if the item is subsequently returned in good condition.

The atmosphere is special!

The LLRC works best when everyone cooperates and respects the needs of others. Whilst it is rarely run as a silent facility, and break and lunchtimes are very busy, if you are using the library you are here to work, read or use the resources, not merely to chat and socialise, which can be distracting for others.


The LLRC has well over 3500 fiction titles and over 7500 non fiction, plus nearly 300 DVDs, almost 30 journal titles plus back copies and a range of newspapers. The online resources are comprehensive, mainly curriculum based and ever-expanding. All are fully searchable through Oliver. Resource boxes are often provided to aid classroom learning, and the LLRC is the most heavily used IT facility in the school. Also – if you can’t find something – ask the librarian!

Events in the LLRC

Annual events are many and varied, and include year/key stage and whole school activities, such as the Year 7 Readathon, which raises money for children’s charities as well as giving Year 7 the opportunity to enjoy a fortnight of reading as much as they can/want, and World Book Day, where every student in the school gets a book token to use either against the price of a book, or to purchase one of a number of specially produced books absolutely free.

The Internet

Google it, print it, done it. Easy! But is the internet always the best place to start looking for information? Read before you click! The site addresses on the search results will give you clues about their source. Reliable ones include:

.org.uk this means a non-government organisation such as a charity

.gov.uk a government site

.ac.uk an academic site

Always question authority – who wrote it, when and why? Does it contain full bibliographic information? Is it trying to sell or persuade? Is there a hidden agenda? Is the site meant for you? Do you understand the language? If not look for something more appropriate. Try following your search with your key stage. Is it well written? If there are spelling or grammatical errors, or the site is badly arranged – beware. Remember to cite your sources.

Plagiarism and Citation

Plagiarism is using another person’s ideas, words or work without giving credit to that person. It includes:

  • Copying words or ideas without giving credit
  • Changing words but using the same sentence structure of a source without giving credit
  • Not using quotation marks around words you have copied exactly
  • Presenting work done by someone else as your own

Plagiarism can be avoided by citing sources properly. A citation is a statement that identifies a specific source such as an article in a journal, a book, part of a book or a website.

A citation for a journal may include:

Name of journal    
New Scientist
Volume and Issue numberVolume 222 No. 2975
Date28 June 2014
Title of ArticleGhost Busters
Clark, Stuart

A citation for a book may include:

TitleThe Luminaries
Author or EditorCatton, Eleanor
Granta Books
Place of Publication*
Date of Publication*

*You will find publisher, date and place of publication on the back of the title page.

A citation for a website may include:

Title of site
BBC Bitesize
Specific pages   
KS3 (History)
Date accessed  
4 July 2014
Complete URL

It’s a good idea to include citations in your note making, rather than trying to identify them when you have finished writing.

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