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Voluntary Contributions Scheme

Thank you very much for all the generous donations that you have already made – your support is very important to us. 

If you have not yet made a donation and would like to do so to help us minimise the impact of funding cuts on our students’ education moving forward, visit our website here or make a payment through Parentpay.

We are asking for contributions to the scheme either by monthly direct debit or as a one-off donation. There are several suggested levels at which you can donate, however, any amount will be very gratefully received.

We have had feedback from some parents that they would like further information with regard to the school’s position prior to making a donation; there is more information below. In addition, we will be holding two Parents’ Information Evenings before half term to explain the impact of the reduced funding on IGS, and to answer any questions parents may have. Parents will shortly receive a schoolcomms message with details of how to register to attend.

Why Does Ilkley Grammar School Need Financial Support?

When I last wrote to you in December regarding the worsening situation for schools’ funding nationally, I reinforced the message from my previous April 2016 Communication: the net impact over the last 5 years of budget reductions and increased employer costs had meant a reduction of approximately £1 million per annum for IGS.

Since then, the National Funding Formula consultation has been launched by the government, alongside confirmation that the Educational Services Grant (ESG), which academies and local authorities receive to fund essential school services, will be removed from next year, as well as agreed reductions in schools’ local funding formulas for 2017-18 onwards.

This means that the situation has unfortunately deteriorated much further for IGS, as well as many other schools across Leeds and Bradford. The combined impact of these additional measures means that IGS will now lose a further £330k from its annual budget by 2019-20, with increases to pension contributions over the same period being estimated at an additional £150k per annum by 2019.

What Kinds of Savings Might The School Have To Make and Where Can I Find Out More Information About This?

The National Audit Office has written an independent report highlighting that the real-terms reduction in per-pupil funding for schools between 2014-15 and 2019-20 will be 8%, with £3billion savings needed to be made across the school system within this timeframe. Page 15 of the report shows that the cumulative cost pressures facing schools, between 2016-17 and 2019-20 are around 8.7%.

The direct negative impact that these pressures are having on schools’ future budget forecasts are beginning to be heard across the country, and there are news articles describing the developing ‘schools’ funding crisis’ appearing on a daily basis, including on the BBC, in theguardian and in The Telegraph. Some of the schools' unions have also come together to develop a website that illustrates the likely monetary values that these percentages translate to in real terms.

For IGS, having already made significant savings last year through changes to the internal organisation of the school, we are now sadly forced to have to find ways to reduce our annual costs even further from next year. This will mean reviewing every aspect of the school’s operation again. Our over-riding priority of course is to protect students’ experiences and curriculum opportunities, and it is our hope that by raising additional money through our school fund we will be able to minimise the changes that we will have to make for September 2017.

Why Can’t IGS Use The Money That Is Due To Be Spent On The Site Expansion To Cushion The Impact?

Although IGS is due to benefit from a £multi-million capital build expansion to our school site over the coming years, this is not money that IGS is able to spend in any other way; these are Bradford Council (BMDC) ‘Basic Needs’ funds and the build will be conducted and paid for by BMDC. 

How Can I Help?

Please make a donation to our school fund if you can, or get in touch with Alison Kaye, Business & Finance Director at Alison.kaye@ilkleygs.co.uk to discuss any other ideas you may have.

As always, we are grateful for the support that our parents and community give us at IGS and will strive to ensure that the quality of education we provide our students does not suffer and continues to improve further over the coming years.

Can My Business Help?

Yes please!  We have already engaged with a number of local businesses and are very grateful for their support.  There are two ways that a business can support the school:

1.       Become a Community Sponsor

In return for a donation, community sponsors will have their logo displayed at the school entrance and on the school website; their support of the school fund will be publicised by the school.  If you would like further details of the Community Sponsorship Package, please contact Alison Kaye, Business & Finance Director at Alison.kaye@ilkleygs.co.uk

2.       Become a Community Partner

If you have a local business, which you would like to promote via the school, then please get in touch.  We are keen to work with community partners to promote businesses within the local community in return for corporate donations.  We will promote your business on the school website as a community partner, and parents and other members of the community will know that by purchasing via you they are supporting the school fund.     

If you would be interested in speaking to the school about becoming a Community Partner then please get in touch with Alison Kaye, Business & Finance Director at Alison.kaye@ilkleygs.co.uk

Many thanks,

Helen Williams, Headteacher

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