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Ilkley Grammar School’s in-house catering service provides meals for approximately 2,000 students and staff every day. We receive daily deliveries of fresh ingredients allowing us to the provide healthy food choices to fuel active minds and bodies all day long. Our catering service is run by the school with every penny of profit going towards supporting the school.

What is important to us:

  • Food that looks good and tastes delicious;
  • To serve the food in a pleasant environment where students can eat with their friends;
  • To talk to students about what is on offer and recommend dishes;
  • Limiting waste from leftover food and packaging.

The school menu provides a range of foods across the week. Variety is the key ingredient - whether is it different fruits, vegetables, grains, pulses or types of meat and fish. We create an eating experience that supports students' and parents' efforts to eat heathily, based around flexible daily menus. Free fresh fruit and salad is available with all main meal purchases.

Catering Outlets during normal school operations

B Hall Years 7 and 9
Armitage Cafe Years 8 and 10
Courtyard Cafe Year 11
iCafe Post 16 students have access throughout the day to a more informal cafe style service.

Packed lunch rooms are also available.

Years 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 are not allowed off the site at lunchtimes. 

Menu and Prices

Menu and Prices

Cashless Catering System

We use individual student cards which can be swiped onto a card reader at the catering till to purchase food and drinks. 

Parents can pay for meals via the Parentpay website and the credit will be held on the student card. It is very important that care is taken of the student card and that it is kept securely. The card system helps to speed up the payment process at the tills and reduce queueing times. The system also allows you to track your child's daily diet and support their healthy eating.

Any amount of money can be paid into a student account and any money spent on food and drink will be deducted on a daily basis. A daily 'spend limit' is programmed into the system to prevent students from overspending. This can be increased or decreased for an individual student by making a written request to the Catering Team at

If a student loses their card, it should be reported immediately to their Student Support Manager so that a ‘STOP’ can be put onto the card. There will be a charge of £5 for replacement cards if these are lost or damaged beyond use as they are expensive to buy and re-print.

Year 12 cards and 13 cards incorporate both an access facility for lunchtimes, as well as the catering payment system.

Can I change the daily ‘Spend Limit’?

Yes – The daily ‘Spend Limit’ has a default of £5.00 but this may be changed by written request to



Parentpay is the cashless system we use to manage payments for visits, school meals and music lessons. Each student is provided with unique logon details which enable the parent/carer to add funds online via the Parentpay website. 

How do we top up our ParentPay account?

If you log into your personal ParentPay account you can top up by paying with either a debit or credit card.

If you haven't set up your ParentPay account please email and she will send you details with a personal username and password to enable you to activate your account.

How can I get money refunded from an account?

  1. Once an account has been credited monies can be withdrawn or refunded from the service it has been allocated to by an email request to
  2. The amount will be refunded to your ‘Parent Account’ within ParentPay.
  3. From here you can then request a refund back to your personal bank account following ParentPay’s withdrawal process.

If you allocated money to the wrong service and wish the money to be transferred to the correct service this can be done within the school finance department by emailing with the details.

How can I check the credit on an account?

This can be checked via ParentPay or any student can request their balance from a member of the catering team at any till point.

What happens if my child’s account is not in credit?

The school has a policy of not refusing any child a meal at lunchtime.

The cashless system allows a member of the catering team to administer a ‘Lend’ at the till point. This means that a single meal can be taken. This will not include any drinks or desserts. This will create a negative balance on the account which will need to be cleared next time payment is made.

Steps taken when a student’s account is in arrears:

  1. An email requesting parents to ‘top up’ is sent out. These are sent out on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
  2. If a student’s account goes over a negative balance of more than £5.00 a ‘Debt’ letter is emailed (or posted) on a Monday.  
  3. If the account is still in arrears after the 3rd ‘Debt Letter’ the child will no longer be served and parents/carers will have to organise a packed lunch for their child.  
  4. Once the debt is cleared the student will then be able to access school meals again.

If you have any other queries regarding ParentPay please send an email to

Free School Meals (FSM)

Parents eligible for free school meals should apply for these to Bradford Metropolitan District Council. (Please search ‘Bradford Free School Meals’ for more information). 

All students eligible for entitlement may have one serving of the following every lunchtime:

  • Any main meal with accompanying salad
  • Any pudding
  • A drink 

Please note, the FSM allowance can only be off set against a meal at lunchtime. All other services i.e. mid-morning break and vending, will need to be purchased by funds which have been added to the students account via ParentPay.

How do ‘free school meal’ entitlements work on the cashless system?

The details of all students entitled to a free school meal (FSM) will be entered on to the system prior to the ‘Live’ day. The cashless catering system automatically allocates the FSM value to each account ahead of the lunchtime service. The system preserves the anonymity of all FSM students as all account types are accessed in exactly the same manner. Any balance remaining from the daily FSM allowance will not be carried over to the next day.

Dietary Requirements & Allergen Menu Notice

We cater for all dietary requirements, including Halal and Gluten Free. 

Meat is not halal unless stated. All halal meat options are clearly labelled as such when available. Various vegetarian options are also provided everyday. If a student requires a halal meat option they can ask any of our catering staff what is available that day.

All our food is prepared in a kitchen where gluten and other allergens are present. Our menu descriptions do not include all ingredients. Any student with a food allergy or specific dietary need should let the catering staff know before ordering or ask a member of the catering team for further product information.

Parents with any concerns or questions may contact our catering team at

Reducing Waste and Using Eco-friendly Packaging

The majority of our meals are served on and in Vegware products. A range of eco friendly packaging and catering disposables which are environmentally safe and completely compostable.

Vending machine bottled drinks - Harrogate Spa and other drinks bottles contain high percentages of recycled plastic (50%+). Bottled water from natural sources has one of the lowest carbon footprints of any drink. All bottles are 100% recyclable, including label and cap. 

Vending Machines

The school has 4 cashless vending machines where students can purchase items via their thumbprint. These were introduced to help ease queues at break and lunchtime. 

The machines will only work at break and lunch times and before or after school. (They are not a reason to arrive late to a lesson or after school detention.) The sports hall vending machine is only accessible after 3.30pm.

Please ensure that all empty drinks bottles are disposed of in the litter bins provided around school.

Water fountains are still available throughout school.

Post 16 Catering Team Opportunities

We provide the opportunity for a number of Post 16 students to earn and gain work experience, whilst supporting our catering team as a Till Operative. These positions are advertised directly with the post 16 staff and students at the end of the academic year to commence in the following September.

Further Information

Catering Team Vacancies

Food Safety Policy Statement

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