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Home School Agreement

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Home School Agreement

The Teachers will:

  • provide exciting, stimulating and varied learning experiences.
  • ensure the learning needs of all students are met.
  • use assessment to inform learning and raise achievement.
  • make learning fun
  • seek to develop new approaches to learning based on best practice and new technologies
  • work in partnership with parents

All staff:

  • work as a team
  • respect and value young people
  • are proud of our school
  • promote excellence and high standards
  • communicate clearly with parents
  • are reflective and seek to improve and learn

Signed (Headteacher)

The Student will:

  • aim for 100% attendance
  • come equipped for learning
  • wear the school uniform proudly and correctly
  • show respect for all staff and students
  • work hard to achieve their personal best.
  • behave well so everyone can learn
  • follow the school rules.
  • get involved in school life
  • accept responsibility for their actions

Signed ..(Student)

The Parent I/we have chosen to send my/our child to be educated at Ilkley Grammar School therefore I/we agree to:

  • work in partnership with the school to ensure my child achieves their best.
  • ensure excellent attendance and no holidays in term time
  • monitor and sign the student planner.
  • attend parents' evenings.
  • support learning at home
  • support the school standards including uniform and conduct

Signed ..(Parent/Guardian)

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