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All students are expected to have over 97% attendance in school.

All Year 12 students attend registration every morning and all timetabled lessons /sessions which include AS/A2 subjects, Curriculum Enhancement Programme CEP (Y12 only) and Directed/Supervised Study sessions.

Directed and/or Supervised Study lessons: All Year 13 students studying 3 A Levels have lessons of Directed and/or Supervised study time on their timetable during the 2 week cycle.

Directed Study is registered via biometric registration in F Hall. You must register your thumbprint on the sensor outside F6 or with the librarian within the first 5 minutes of the start of the period. You will need to record your thumbprint in Post-16 at the start of the term.

Students should be studying in non-contact periods in designated Post-16 study areas (which include the Courtyard Café, the Library and the multi-use area of the new building except during break and lunch time) or the library.

If students do not register in these sessions then the absence will be regarded as unauthorised.

Students with patterns of absence/a lot of unexplained absence/repeated missed registrations may be subject to an attendance contract. Parents may also be invited in and the sanctions policy will be followed.


If a member of teaching staff is absent you will be informed by email. You register for the lesson as directed using the biometric system outside F6 and complete the work set in the regular classroom except for science labs and workshops when your designated Post-16 study area should be used.


Any student requiring a day of absence for medical/dental/Open Days/unavoidable family events, should pick up a ‘Leave of Absence’ form from the Post-16 Office.  Absence must be authorised by the Post-16 Team prior to subject staff acknowledging the absence. ‘Leave of Absence’ forms are then returned to the Post-16 Office accompanied with proof of absence. The expectation is that dental/medical appointments will be after school or in holiday time and that other absences are kept to a minimum and only for exceptional reasons.


This should be kept to a minimum – tutors/student managers will contact parents if they believe a student is undertaking too much paid work that is likely to impact on the progress of the student.  It is strongly recommended that no more than the equivalent of Saturday plus one evening or 10 hours per week is undertaken.