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Post 16

The Post-16 Curriculum

(2 week Timetable, 58 lesson cycle)

Year 12 (2019/20)               

Year 13 (2019/20)

 Tutorials Mon to Fri mornings (Except Wed)

 Tutorials Mon to Fri mornings (Except Wed)

3 A Levels/BTEC AND 1 AS or Enrichment

(Knowledge/Skills) or Supported Study or 4th A Level

4 x up to 11 lessons

3 OR 4 x A Level Subjects 

3 or 4 x 11 lessons


Timetabled Study

Up to 11 lessons

Curriculum Enhancement Programme - CEP (Knowledge/Skills)

1 lesson


Personal Best Time (PBT)

2 extended tutorial (Wed)

2 extended tutorial (Wed)


Independent, Directed or Supervised study


Up to 13 lessons

Independent, Directed or Supervised Study

Up to15 lessons

All students sign a study contract indicating their pathway at the start of Year 12. The last date for changing a pathway is the 1st October. Students are committed to completing their chosen pathway unless there is an exceptional circumstance e.g. verified medical reason. 

The standard pathway options are:

 All students study a minimum of 3 A Level or BTEC subjects this may be 1 A Level subject and a Double BTEC course

  • All students complement the above with one of the following options:
    • Additional AS or 4th A Level
    • EPQ (will include timetabled study time)
    • Core Maths
    • Work Experience (will initially be support within lessons (subject iLeader) in school until a placement is organised and verified through the work experience team in school and may include timetabled study time)
    • Sports Leader (will include timetabled study time)
    • Other Enrichment option (see ‘Enrichment Programme’ below)
  • All Year 12 students attend CEP (Curriculum Enrichment) lessons
  • Year 12 and 13 students attend extended tutorial time (PBT) and morning registration unless another plan has been agreed by the Post-16 team.

If you are studying a 4th subject that can be continued to A Level you need to indicate in the first half term of the Spring term (February) in which subject(s) you wish to sit an AS level. You are committed to completing your chosen pathway.

To support Year 12 into 13 transition, if you sit external AS exams in 2 subjects you continue with both courses until the end of the academic year as you could continue with either depending on the results. Registers remain in place until the end of the academic year and you attend all lessons and, if required, sit the internal exams in those subjects.

If you sit an external exam in one of your 4 subjects and it is definitely the subject that you are not continuing to A Level, you will continue with your 3 A Level courses. You might need some ‘Directed or Supervised Study periods added to your timetable if your hours are below the threshold to be classed as a full time student. You attend all timetabled sessions until you complete a release form (see below). Some students may be required to continue with all 4 subjects to ensure all options are available for the start of Year 13.

If you are dropping a subject post AS internal exams you complete a Post-16 subject release form (available from the Post-16 Office) this must be signed by parents so we know you have discussed this at home. You do not need to attend lessons for the remainder of the year but you will not be able to ‘pick back up’ the subject at the start of Y13 following any external examination results. Once the signed form is returned you will be removed from registers and will not be expected in those lessons.

However, it is recommended that if you have any uncertainty about your results, in either internal or external exams, you continue with all 4 subjects until the end of the year in order to leave all options open to you in September.

At the end of Year 12 you will be required to complete a consolidation pack of work if you do not pass the internal exam so you can work on filling the gaps over the summer ready for a retest in the first week of the next academic year. If you do not pass the retest we will need to look at the additional support required for you to continue with your A Level courses in Y13. Consolidation materials will also be provided to those underachieving at the end of Y12 so you can be on track to reach your Personal Best at the end of Y13.