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(2 week Timetable, 58 lesson cycle) 

Year 12 (2020/21)

Year 13 (2020/21)

Tutorials Mon to Fri mornings (Except Wed)

Tutorials Mon to Fri mornings (Except Wed)

(Note this has changed for 2020-21 due to COVID 19)

3 A Levels/BTEC


1 AS, 4th A Level or

Enrichment (EPQ, Sports Leaders, Work Experience)

4 x up to 11 lessons

3 OR 4 x A Levels/BTEC

3 or 4 x 11 lessons

Curriculum Enhancement Programme - CEP 

(Study Skills/Wellbeing/Next Steps)

1 lesson


Personal Best Time (PBT)

2 extended tutorials (Wed)

2 extended tutorial sessions (Wednesday morning)

Supervised Study

Home Study (from January)

(Note this has been adapted for 2020-21 due to COVID 19)

Up to 17 lessons

Home Study (once eligible)

Directed Study (in school) or

Supervised Study

Up to14 lessons

All students sign a study contract indicating their pathway at the start of Year 12. The last date for changing a pathway is the 1st October. Students are committed to completing their chosen pathway unless there is an exceptional circumstance e.g. verified medical reason.

The standard pathway options are:

  • All students study a minimum of 3 A Level or BTEC subjects this may also be 1 A Level subject and a Double BTEC course
  • All students complement the above with one of the following options:
    • Additional AS or a 4th A Level
    • EPQ (will include timetabled study time)
    • Core Maths
    • Work Experience (will initially be support within lessons (subject iLeader) in school until a placement is organised and verified and may still include timetabled study time)
    • Sports Leader (will include timetabled study time)
  • All Year 12 students attend CEP (Curriculum Enrichment) lessons
  • Year 12 students attend extended tutorial time (PBT) and morning registration unless another plan has been agreed by the Post-16 team.
  • Year 13 students attend extended tutorial time (PBT) and morning registration until the UCAS process has been completed and until Home Study has been granted