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Post 16


Year 12 students may sit one AS exam in the subject you are not continuing to A Level. All other exams will take place at the end of Year 13. If you wish to sit more than one AS Level at the end of Year 12 the additional AS will be at your own cost. There may be other examinations taken at other times throughout the year depending on the subjects you are studying.

Year 12 end of year internal examinations will take place in the first two weeks following the Spring Bank Holiday (May/June). These are conducted in classrooms but in full external examination conditions. The normal Year 12 timetable is suspended for the exam period and you are only required to be in school for your timetabled exams. If you are coming in school to do your revision you must sign in and out in using your ID lanyard to ensure we have an accurate record of who is in the building for fire regulations. The silent study area, library (and surroundings), courtyard café and other usual areas will be available for revision with the exception of F6. F6 will be in use for those students entitled to use word processors so will be unavailable for study during scheduled exam times. Students entitled to extra time will sit their exams in the assigned room and they may run slightly into break, lunch or after school.

It is highly recommended that students not entitled to home study (or who find studying at home difficult) use the facilities in school to revise and to have access to their teachers’ help with their revision if required to ensure they have the best opportunity to do well. The performance of those students will be reviewed after the mock exams to see if they require additional support moving forward. If you are ill during the exam period you must contact school prior to the exam starting and inform school of your illness; you should treat them like the real exams and make every attempt to make it to your exam.

Staff will predict your A Level grades on the basis of your end of Year 12 exams and your attainment grades during the course.

Year 13 internal examinations will take place in the first two weeks following the February Half Term Holiday and follow the same arrangements as for the end of Year 12 examinations.

Any student under-performing in the formal internal examinations will be required to complete additional consolidation work to avoid under-performance in the external examinations and this may include the withdrawal of home study.


You will receive “Progress Tracking” Information 3 times a year, one of which will be a full “Report”. Traffic light colours will be used to produce a quick visual aid to identify problems (red) and areas of success (Green) Green can be considered as meeting expectations, or no problems and red as below expectations. You are monitored on Attainment, Effort, Independent work and you will be also be given Attainment targets.


Students will be made aware of the school’s partnership agreement (with staff, student, parent) at the beginning of Year 12. Parents will be informed of their role in the partnership agreement at the Information Evening in September and asked to sign the Home-Post 16 Agreement, the Post 16 Rules for Responsible Computer Use Agreement and the Student Responsibilities & Expectations on Educational Trips Agreement. Individual Year 12 contracts will be issued as and when necessary – it is our intention to give all students a ‘fresh start’ when they start in the Sixth Form at IGS, although some students may benefit from support from the start.