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To develop into Independent Learners

  • Work independently
  • Be fully prepared for lessons with correct equipment and mentally alert
  • Set realistic goals
  • Work to deadlines
  • Spend a minimum of 15-20 hours a week on independent study (at home and at school)
  • Take up any relevant opportunities on offer
  • Show initiative
  • Organise time efficiently
  • Bring iPad / tablet / laptop to school every day

To attend ALL Lessons

  • ALL morning tutorials are compulsory for all students (until Year 13 Home Study is agreed).
  • Absences MUST be confirmed by telephone to the School Absence line, (01943) 608424 on every day of absence.
  • If your absence is legitimate, i.e. Open Day, foreign exchange, or lecture, a ‘Leave of Absence Form’ must be authorised IN ADVANCE by the Post-16 Team first and then completed and returned to the Post-16 Office a week prior to the trip. (see Leave of Absence Procedure).
  • Universities are now operating Open Days at weekends and during the summer holidays so it is expected that you make your visits during this time.
  • All students must register, using biometric registration when they have a Directed Study period. Unauthorised absence will lead to sanctions.

To be punctual

  • Punctuality for all registrations and lessons is a requirement for all post-16 students. Persistent lateness to school or to lessons will lead to a detention.
  • If you persistently arrive late you may be refused entry into the lesson.

To take responsibility for the environment of The Post-16 Social and Learning Centre

  • To keep the Post-16 Centre clean and tidy all rubbish must be placed in the rubbish bin when you leave your table.
  • We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment so please use any recycling bins correctly.


All students use ClassCharts on a daily basis. For students who were in Year 11 at IGS this is the same login as you had in Year 11 through your 365 account. Students new to IGS will need to see the Post-16 Office for your ‘Pupil Code’ and then visit ( to log in.

ClassCharts is where teachers will record any homework they have set for you and you can also record when you have completed it.

ClassCharts is also where rewards (positives) and sanctions (negatives) are recorded. If you receive too many sanctions it will result in a detention. Detentions are received for missing deadlines, poor behaviour and punctuality.

A ClassCharts Login will also be provided to Parents so they can celebrate your success and support you with your organisation.


Academic concerns will be reported at each Assessment Point. Any teacher who has an academic concern about you at other times will liaise with the Year 12 Learning Leader or the Year 13 lead who is likely to organise a meeting with you. If concerns persist, parents will be informed, and support plans may be put in place to ensure successful outcomes.


Sanctions are rare in a Post-16 context, however, failure to meet the agreed expectations does sometimes result in sanctions. It should be noted that ‘positives’ and ‘negatives’, appropriate to the post-16 setting, are recorded on ClassCharts and do in a few cases generate detentions. This information is visible to teachers, tutors, student support managers and parents. 


If you deliberately disrupt a lesson you will be sent to the Post-16 Centre where the level of disruption will be assessed and appropriate action taken; ranging from detention, , timetabling into Supervised Study, contact with home, to in extremely rare cases exclusion. If in the library you will be asked to leave and rights of use may be removed.


You will have to complete a detention/catch up to complete the missing work. Missed deadlines will be recorded on ClassCharts and will take place in the whole school detention which is held daily in B Hall. However, if you are genuinely struggling with work and require support, use the departmental catch up sessions and student managers will provide extra support e.g. organisational support, mentoring, etc. Failure to respond to support mechanisms will mean that you will be placed on a learning behaviour contract and contact will be made with parents/carers.


  • Day absence: at least 1 hour after school detention or timetabled Supervised Study
  • Lesson truancy: at least ½ hour after school detention and catchup plan agreed and/or timetabled Supervised Study.
  • Persistent absence will result in an attendance contract and may lead to a parental meeting.


Registration: automatic ½ hour school detention or additional timetabled Supervised Study for three late marks in any 2 week cycle.

Lessons: ½ hour school detention or timetabled Supervised Study for three late marks over a 2 week cycle.


If an incident is not covered by ClassCharts it will be referred directly to the Post-16 Office for investigation, potentially leading to detention, additional timetabled Supervised Study, isolation and possibly exclusion. In serious cases sanctions will be applied according to the whole-school behaviour policy


Immediate isolation and likely fixed term exclusion as per our whole-school behaviour policy


Students are allowed to use their mobile phone on F Floor in the Post-16 areas at all times. Around school Post-16 students must follow the whole school policy of no visible mobile phones at any time except in outside areas at lunchtime.