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Professional Dress Code

Our Post-16 dress code is professional, practical and smart whilst allowing for a greater degree of personal choice appropriate to a Post-16 setting.

In agreeing the dress code, we have considered the fact that whilst different from lower school in many ways, Post-16 students are role models for younger students and therefore standards must be kept high.

All students must wear the IGS lanyard with P16 access card at all times.

  • Smart skirt/dress/tailored trousers (grey/dark/subtle colour of choice).
  • Skirt/dress length should be ‘closer to the knee than the hip’
  • Smart blouse / professional top /collared shirt (plain or subtle pattern/subtle colour of choice).
  • With a collared shirt, students must wear a burgundy/black IGS Post-16 tie or professional tie of choice
  • Smart, plain jumper/cardigan (no large logos) or a tailored jacket (grey/dark/subtle colour of choice)
  • Smart shoes appropriate for a busy, professional working environment
  • Discrete ear piercings or nose piercing are allowed (see below for further details)

For clarification the following items are not allowed for either Year 12 or Year 13:

  • Shorts
  • Casual trousers
  • Leather skirts or trousers
  • Leggings or skin-tight stretchy trousers
  • Tops with large or offensive logos
  • Low cut / low open neck tops or blouses
  • Hoodies (IGS hoodie can only be worn during sporting activity or outside)
  • Strappy/vest tops
  • Denim
  • Casual shoes, trainers or flip flops
  • Extreme hairstyles or colour
  • No hats or coats to be worn in lessons.
  • Nose or lip rings, visible ear bars or large hoops or gauges are not discrete. Rings in the ear must be small and not present a health and safety risk

Final decisions on the appropriateness of any attire will be at the discretion of the Post-16 Team / Senior Leadership Team.


Verbal warning and also recorded on ClassCharts notifying all stakeholders.

2nd occasion recorded on ClassCharts.

Persistent / repeated failure to follow the dress code will result in a school detentions generated by comments on ClassCharts and/or timetabled Supervised Study and a parental meeting.