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Professional Dress Code

Our Post-16 dress code is professional, practical and smart whilst allowing for a greater degree of personal choice appropriate to a Post-16 setting.

In agreeing the dress code, we have considered the fact that whilst different from lower school in many ways, Post-16 students regularly interact with younger students and are seen as role models, therefore the dress code must be broadly in keeping with the dress code/uniform worn by other groups that form the school community, namely younger students and staff.


  • Practicality: Navigating and working around the school safely
  • Professionalism: Reflecting the formality and character of the institution
  • Liberty: Allowing a greater degree of self-expression for students in the formative years of their lives
  • Tolerance: Allowing students to respectfully express their individual identity in a safe environment
  • Neutrality: Treating students equally regardless of gender and other characteristics
  • Affordability: Allowing students to save money by using clothing that they may already have at home
  • Alignment: Broadly in keeping with the standards of uniform in lower school and staff dress

 Post-16 Dress-code

  • Smart, professional skirt/dress/trousers. These should be appropriate for the busy working environment and broadly in line with expectations in place for students in lower school.
  • Smart, professional blouse/top/collared buttoned shirt.
  • A collared shirt must be worn with a tie, however, a smart, plain jumper where a tie (or lack of it) would not be visible, is a valid alternative. This maintains alignment with lower school.
  • Smart, professional jumper/cardigan (no large logos) or a smart, professional jacket
  • Footwear: Shoes should be practical, safe and smart, appropriate for a busy, working environment.
  • Piercings: Discrete ear piercings or single nose stud/ring are allowed (see below for further details)

All students must wear the IGS lanyard with P16 access card at all times.

Final decisions about dress code will be at the discretion of the Post-16 Team / Senior Leadership Team but will always managed sensitively and with respect.

By signing up to Post-16 students are agreeing to follow our dress code.

For clarification the following items are not allowed as they are not in line with the principles:

  • Casual trousers/tops typically worn in other informal work/sports/leisure contexts e.g. (but not exclusively) cargo pants, military clothing, jodhpurs, stirrup pants, polo shirts, thick lumberjack-style or Hawaiian shirts
  • If a jumper is removed (e.g. in summer) a tie must be worn with a collared shirt.
  • Denim/jeans (jackets, trousers or shirts)
  • Leggings are casual wear
  • Tops with large or inappropriate messages/lettering/logos
  • Hoodies and other forms of sportswear (unless worn for PE)
  • Walking boots are not considered appropriate footwear but may be acceptable if covered by trousers or long skirt.
  • Extreme hairstyles (e.g. skinhead) or extremes of colour
  • No hats or caps (unless for religious reasons) to be worn indoors or in lessons. If worn around school these must be for a relevant practical reason e.g. cold or to provide shade from the sun.
  • Lip rings, septum piercings, multiple visible facial piercings, large ear bars, hoops or gauges are not discrete. Rings/hoops must not present a health and safety risk.

For clarification the following items are allowed:

  • Chinos and cropped trousers can be smart.
  • Smart, professional shorts are allowed in the summer term as long as they fit the principles overleaf.

Failure to adhere to the dress code

  • Verbal warning: This warning should be given discretely, and care should be taken not to shame or embarrass students. The rationale for the dress code should be referenced. The warning should also be given by an appropriate member of staff with care and consideration given to how the message may be received.
  • 2nd occasion/repeated instance: Recorded on ClassCharts with an explanation provided as above provided by an appropriate member of staff.
  • Persistent / repeated failure to follow the dress code: This will result in students being required to join after school study and/or timetabled Supervised Study and, if necessary, a parental meeting. By signing up to Post-16 students are agreeing to follow our dress code.