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STUDENT PROFILES AND UNIFROG (See Post-18 Pathways below)

You will need to produce a competitive student profile during your time in Post-16. This will be compiled using the pathways platform,Unifrog ( The objective is to produce a professional development profile identifying your personal, social and academic skills. These are developed via, the curriculum, the CEP (Curriculum Enhancement Programme), and all your leadership and extra-curricular activities. If you are new to Ilkley Grammar School you will need to join Unifrog using a ‘form code’ which your tutor can provide you with.

As you progress through your Post-16 education (and during your career) you will develop many new skills (competencies) and these need to be evidenced and recorded so that these can be identified when applying for university or employment in the future.

It is important that you record all your successes to show all round strengths. This will be monitored via Unifrog by your Tutor.

TUTORIALS (REGISTRATION), Personal Best Time and iTalks

For Year 12 full attendance is required at all tutorials / registrations. This is an essential daily contact point with your tutor. They will share information via the weekly bulletin and direct you to independent research for Post-16.

Every Wednesday Year 12 students attend Personal Best Time (PBT) and in the first weeks of term activities focus on induction, and team building. From around half term, once the Student Leadership Programme is up and running, students divide into 3 groups and participate in the following activities

  1. iTalks – a series of Talks delivered in F Hall or remotely given by staff and outside speakers on a varietyof themes/personal experiences. These are modelled on the Ted Talk model
  2. PBT and Wellbeing ILeader programme
  3. Individual mentoring with tutors


The Year 12 CEP Programme will be delivered by a team of staff in lessons and includes the following:

  • Study and Research Skills; preparation for A Level / EPQ and further studies
  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Life Skills
  • Next Steps and Future Pathways (Post-18)
  • British Values

CEP may be adapted in 2020-21 in response to needs arising from the COVID pandemic


At IGS we are passionate about offering students personalised pathways that are most suitable for them. In Year 12 students can choose to study 3 or 4 subjects. If they choose to study 4 then their 4th subject can be either taken as a full A-level or as an AS, to be completed in Year 12. Alternatively, students can choose to do 3 subjects and follow a programme of enrichment. Students can apply to do different enrichment options to make up their personalised enrichment programme. These options include:

This opens up a wider range of higher-quality opportunities for IGS students as they consider their options after Post-16.


All Post-16 students remain in school for all timetabled periods and ‘free’ periods (a blank lesson on your timetable) until they are granted ‘Home Study’.

Year 12 and 13:

When students are being assessed for eligibility for Home Study the following criteria will be used alongside any relevant personal circumstances:

  • Learning Behaviour (tracking reports and ClassCharts)
  • Attendance
  • Independent Study / Homework (tracking reports and ClassCharts)
  • Progress/Achievement

Students who have a significant ‘academic distance to travel’ in more than one area at a given tracking point will not be granted Home Study.

A letter will be sent home to parents to collect parental permission for ‘Home Study’.

Permission for ‘Home Study’ may be rescinded should evidence suggest that this maybe more helpful for your study.

Students can ask for Supervised or Directed Study periods to be reallocated on their timetable in order to free up blocks of time for Home Study

Year 13:

Once ‘Home Study’ is granted students are not required to be in school during non-timetabled periods but for safeguarding purposes so we know who is in the building at all times students are required to sign in and out every time they leave and enter the building. Once Home Study has been granted, if period 1 has no timetabled session students are not required to be in registration and your tutor will record ‘B’ on the register. If students have a timetabled lesson or Supervised/Directed study session in period 1 then they should be in registration so should NOT get a B mark. If you have been granted home study and you then sign into the building you must select ‘home study’ as the reason.

In Year 13 ‘Home Study’ will not be granted during the first Half Term until Next Steps requirements are fulfilled e.g. UCAS application completed / CV submitted. The same academic eligibility criteria as for Year 12 will also be applied.

Students in the Apply+ cohort will be granted Home Study from the start of Year 13 to support early entry process and independent revision for entry tests.

Year 12:

In year 12 no student will be granted ‘Home Study’ during the first term. From January Year 12 students who have been approved for Home Study can elect an agreed number of afternoon periods a cycle for ‘Home Study’. Forms must be returned to the Student Manager, who will collate the details. This will also allow for any decisions to be reviewed in the light of any additional information held by the Student Support Manager.