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Post-16 students at Ilkley Grammar School are eligible for travel assistance in line with the Bradford MDC Post-16 Transport Policy Statement 2020-21 following the current consultation period.

We provide the following information to students at IGS:

 School Buses– These are available for Post-16 students from Keighley (G21 7:15),Addingham & Burley-in-Wharfedale

  1. Trains – Wharfedale line from Bradford/Shipley and Leeds
  2. Service Buses– These are available from Skipton (6:45am), Keighley,Addingham & Burley-in-Wharfedale
  3. Private Minibus service Grassington-Skipton-Ilkley: For 2020-21 we are planning to provide a private minibus service from Grassington/Skipton for up to 15 Post-16 students.

Eligible Post-16 students are also encouraged to apply for the Post-16 Bursary and many request support with travel costs to and from school. The bursary form is available on our website HERE.

Link to BMDC Post-16 Transport Policy Statement HERE

Link to BMDC Post-16 Transport consultation questionnaire 2020-21 HERE