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Post 16

Year 11 transition provision 2020 – Detailed Guidance

This communication is intended for the following groups of students

  • Current IGS Year 11 students who have applied for a Post-16 place at IGS.
  • Year 11 students from other schools who have applied for a Post-16 place at IGS.
  • Current IGS Year 11 students who are intending to take up places with different providers e.g. apprenticeship/College.

Dear Year 11 parents/carers and students,

I am writing to you on behalf of the Key Stage 4 and Post-16 teams at IGS to provide an update about the plans for your transition to your Post-16 setting.

Given the current circumstances it is particularly important that all students are as clear as possible about the timeline for transition, what opportunities are available and where to find any information you might need. We have made some adjustments to the transition process this year but it is broadly the same as in previous years, the key difference being that it is likely that most information will be delivered remotely meaning that it is important to make sure you check your emails regularly to ensure you don’t miss any important messages.

It has been a pleasure working with all Year 11 students on their plans for next year and we remain committed to supporting all students as best we can to ensure that the transition to your chosen Post-16 setting is as smooth as possible.

Key updates/information as of the w/c 8th June:

  • 1:1 Tutor meetings (w/c 22nd June - all IGS students in year 11): Year 11 Tutors will be inviting existing IGS students to a 1:1 meeting via Teams to take place at an agreed time w/c 22nd This will be an opportunity to discuss any transition questions and for tutors to formally say goodbye to their students as they set off on the next stage. Further details will follow but it will broadly follow the same structure as 1:1 meetings in other year groups.
  • Year 11 Transition work (Phase 1) - Applicants to IGS Post-16 only: To date 261 Year 11 students have successfully signed up to the Showbie transition folder and are completing the first phase of transition work in their chosen A level/BTEC subjects. We are asking Year 11 students to make sure that Phase 1 transition work is uploaded to Showbie by the 12th June (when GCSE exams would have finished). After that date we will check completion of transition work on Showbie and will get in touch if there is any catching up to do before September.
  • Year 11 Summer Transition work (Phase 2) - Applicants to IGS Post-16 only: After the 12th June Post-16 subjects will then set summer transition work for applicants to IGS which must be completed by the start of the new academic year in September and signed off by your teacher. This is typically completed towards the end of the summer holiday.
  • Post-16 Transition Day (Wed 1st July) - Applicants to IGS Post-16 only: Please note that the Year 11 into 12 Transition day will be a virtual event with an assembly presentation from the Post-16 team and the Post-16 Student leadership team. Students will also receive key transition information and there will the chance to ask any questions. This event will be held on the slightly later date of Wednesday 1st July. Further details and an outline of the day will follow in the coming weeks.
  • Transition to other Post-16 settings: Students applying to other settings will wither be contacted by those providers directly or via Mrs Mitchell at IGS and we will contact students individually to let them know of their individual package. Students not planning to continue to IGS will still have access to all IGS materials or can complete work/activities set by their new provider.

We can’t wait to welcome those that have applied to Post-16 at IGS and wish every student the very best of luck whatever their future plans.

Please find below an updated summary of all information showing a timeline of key dates, transition arrangements and enrichment opportunities. Please read it carefully! 

If you have any questions please email 

Best wishes

 Mr Gutch and the Post-16, Key Stage 4, and Careers teams, June 2020

Please find a summary of the transition plans in place for Year 11

What is the overall timeline for transition?

Students who have applied for Post-16 courses at IGS:



-   Offer of a provisional place at IGS

-   w/c 27th April (complete)

-   Students finish GCSE courses and work on transition and enrichment package (Phase 1)

-   Work available on Showbie the w/c 27th April but subjects will finish the syllabus at different times. This will continue until 12th June.

- 1:1 tutor meetings

- Between 22nd and 26th June

-   Post-16 Transition Day

-   Wednesday 1st July – this will be delivered remotely

-   GCSE results day and confirmation of Post-16 place

-   Thursday 20th August

-   Summer transition work - Phase 2 (see below)

-   to be completed by the start of the autumn term.

Students intending to move to a different setting e.g. College, apprenticeship, other Post-16 provider:



-   Email/phone contact from KS4/careers to confirm your chosen pathway and to ensure that all parts of the application have been completed

-   From w/c 27th April

-   Students finish GCSE courses and start transition and enrichment package (see below)

-   Available on Showbie the w/c 27th April but subjects will finish the syllabus at different times. This will continue until 12th June.

-   GCSE results day and confirmation of Post-16 plan

-   Thursday 20th August

-   Transition visits to new Post-16 setting

-   This will vary from student to student and with each course and provider and is almost certain to take place remotely this year. You will be contacted by your Post-16 provider/ the careers team about any transition activities taking place

What do I need to do now to prepare for my chosen next stage? 

Students who have applied to Post-16 at IGS:

If you are intending to join IGS Post-16 you will need (personal circumstances allowing) to follow the ‘IGS Post-16 transition packagewhich provides opportunities for meaningful academic development and enrichment.

At the start of lockdown we asked you and your parents/carers to complete a short student and parent survey (done). Many thanks to those who completed this.

We are expecting students who have applied to IGS to be working on transition work in your chosen A Level/BTEC subjects each day until the 12th June: Our guidance is that students complete 1 hour per day per subject up to the 12th June followed up by any summer transition work set. All of this will be set via Showbie.

The following options continue to be available and include:

  • EPQ Transition work: Students who have chosen the EPQ should complete the Open University Pre-EPQ course and identified EPQ-related MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course) – details will be sent through to you individually if you have chosen the EPQ and will be on Showbie.
  • GCSE English/maths work for students who may need/choose to resit in Year 12
  • Info for updating Unifrog skills and CVs to prepare for Year 12 (IGS students only unless new starters have a Unifrog account)
  • Explore general transition materials e.g. Student Handbook 2020-21 will be launched after half term.
  • Opt-in extension and enrichment opportunities: We have identified a number of valuable enrichment resources which will be available to all students on Showbie.
  • Post-16 Wider Reading lists which have now all been published.
  • MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are available in a wide variety of subjects. These can be accessed via Unifrog. Instructions will be on Showbie.
  • Future Learn ( This is similar in many ways to the MOOCs mentioned above. Topics include: logical and critical thinking, mindfulness for wellbeing and peak performance, how to succeed at interviews. Instructions will be available on Showbie
  • EtonX ( You can request access to a valuable EtonX course, ‘Creative Problem Solving’, which has been provided by Eton College free of charge during lockdown. Instructions will be on Showbie
  • Access to the START careers and university website including careers info linking subjects to jobs roles.
  • Free First Aid qualification from the Virtual College – Restart a Heart
  • Free course on Infection Prevention - Virtual College - Click here to find out more and apply:
  • TEd Talks in areas of academic interest (

 Students intending to move to a different setting e.g. College, apprenticeship, other Post-16 provider:

As almost every student moving to a different setting will be following an individual pathway we will be communicating with students individually but students will also be provided with access to the following opportunities (personal circumstances allowing) on Showbie to support transition to their next setting. These students will be following the ‘Leavers transition package

  • The transition resources above – for example students going to other Post-16 providers may wish to work on their chosen subjects using IGS materials
  • Info for updating Unifrog skills and CV in preparation for your next stage
  • Opt-in extension and enrichment opportunities: (as above for students who have applied to Post-16 at IGS)
  • Individual activities personal to your pathway: Activities/material that is passed to us by Colleges will be passed on to each individual as required
  • Free First Aid qualification from the Virtual College – Restart a Heart
  • Free course on Infection Prevention - Virtual College - Click here to find out more and apply:
  • GCSE English/maths work for students who may need to resit English/maths
  • Access to the START careers and university website -

Where will I be able to find key transition information? 

In addition to emails which we send to you, you will be able to find a copy of this general information on the IGS website with relevant contact details of members of staff who will be able to answer any questions you may have.

All transition packages will all be available on Showbie and the code will be emailed to you in your offer letter. All students will have access to all transition resources.

How will teachers set IGS Post-16 transition work?

Transition work will be available for all students (current IGS and those new to IGS) in all subjects via the same Showbie code but to ensure students don’t get overwhelmed, subject areas will email students who have opted for that subject each week suggesting what you complete in your 5 hours (1 hour per day) that week. Some subjects may break it down even more.

Will we be studying course material from our A level courses in the transition work?

Teachers will not be setting course material from the A level syllabus for you to complete as part of the transition work except as extension activities which will also be formally taught in Year 12. The transition work will be focused on consolidating and developing work you have done at GCSE and preparing you for A level study. For new subjects such as sociology, the transition work will introduce some of the key ideas and concepts. If you complete the transition work, you will be better prepared for A level study.

How do I submit work that I have completed?

This will vary from subject to subject but all students (current IGS and new starters) will be able to upload any completed work on Showbie. This will be checked by subject leaders so they are aware who is engaging with the material.

What happens if I change my mind about my chosen setting / subject choices?

If you change your mind about what you want to do after leaving Year 11 or your subject choices for Post-16, get in touch with us as soon as possible.

  • If you have a question about any pathway that is not Post-16 at IGS you can contact Mrs Mitchell ( If you have not got any applications in place for your transition it is not too late but you must contact Mrs Mitchell ASAP.
  • If you are a current IGS student you may want to contact your Head of Year, Mrs Hepworth or Mr Khalil to have a more general conversation.
  • If you have a question about your Post-16 subject choices you can contact and we will get back to you.
  • If you have applied to IGS from another school and have a question please contact
  • Students can also contact the National Careers Service on free phone 0800 100 900, 8am to 10pm, to book an appointment with a Careers Adviser or visit

Does it matter if I don’t do any work?

I’m struggling to work independently/my personal circumstances mean that I am unable to work

All students: Our overall intention is to provide students with rich and engaging opportunities for continued learning which prepare you for your next stage. The more you are able to stick to a healthy working routine the easier it will be for you when things return to normal and the better protected you will be from the challenges that your next phase brings. For practical tips on how best to study in the current situation:

Current IGS students who have applied to IGS Post-16: Our strong advice for students intending to come to IGS (personal circumstances allowing) is for you to continue with healthy and purposeful work routines until your summer exams would have finished (12th June) and then to complete transition materials over the summer holiday as would have taken place in any other year in preparation for Year 12. This year it is particularly important that you complete the transition work set in your chosen subjects so you are as prepared as possible for Year 12.

At the start of Year 12 teachers are always asked to formally confirm that transition work has been completed. A completed portfolio of transition work would also support consideration for entry onto a BTEC/A level course should you not achieve the entry requirements for a particular course in the summer.

Students from other schools who have applied to IGS Post-16: Our advice is the same as for current IGS students, and you will have access to all our transition and enrichment resources; however we understand that you may have existing academic commitments at your current school. Please contact us if you have any concerns about being able to complete IGS transition work, especially before the 12th June. We will expect summer transition work to be completed as normal.

Current IGS students intending to move to a different setting e.g. College: All current IGS students will have the opportunity to work on the full range of transition opportunities on offer. If your future provider has contacted you and asked you to complete some activities then it may be that you decide to prioritise these over the coming weeks. Our advice is that you continue as far as possible to maintain a healthy working routine as this will make it easier for you in September. Students are also encouraged to work on maths/English work if they think they may need to re-sit these subjects in the autumn.

You will receive an email over the next few days with Showbie codes and logins for the various academic and enrichment opportunities. Some of you may have access to these already.