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Careers Education, Information, Advice & Guidance

Ilkley Grammar School is committed to providing a comprehensive Careers

Education Information and Guidance (CEIAG) programme.

In this, the school recognises:

  • the requirement for equality of opportunity in respect of gender, race, disability,
  • the value of diversity and the importance of challenging stereotypes and assumptions as part of the CEIAG programme
  • the need for confidentiality and impartiality within the CEIAG programme
  • the requirement that the school provides a rich CEIAG programme in line with statutory guidance
  • the importance of meeting the needs and requirements of key stakeholders e.g. Governors, Leadership Team, teachers, parents/ carers and students
  • the importance of continuous reflection and evaluation of the CEIAG programme to ensure that the needs of all stakeholders are met.

Aims of the CEAIG programme

Self-Development: To enable students to understand themselves and the influences on them, to recognise their strengths, the areas they need to improve, their skills, motivations, values and personal qualities through their career journey while at IGS.

Career Exploration: To enable students to investigate and raise their aspirations through career related learning opportunities and work experience. The aim is to develop a knowledge and understanding of local market information, wider employment trends, the influence of society and the range of options and routes available to them.

Career Management: To enable students to make and adjust plans to manage change and transition effectively from one stage of education, training or work into the next.

To establish best practice in line with statutory guidance for CEAIG.

A personalised approach: To ensure that careers guidance in IGS treats ALL students as individuals and caters to their own needs and aspirations, in particular recognising that students with additional needs require a bespoke approach and ensuring they receive this through personalised provision. This will involve the careful review of a student’s EHCP at key transition points and the facilitation of a well-managed transition best suited to their individual needs

Statutory Requirements

The statutory requirements for Year 7 to 13 are delivered through and are part of Citizenship and PBT (Personal Best Time) as designated curriculum time.

Impartial and independent careers guidance is accessed through the school’s Careers Adviser and additional external careers professionals in attendance at selected Parent’s Evenings. The school also works with other external agencies to provide quality CEIAG e.g. Local Networks, LEA, Employers, Local Enterprise Partnership, National Careers Service, Universities and Colleges and Job Centre.

The school has a designated post holder in charge of CEIAG and Work Experience.

Destination data is collated and reported within the required deadlines, including progression updates.

Implementation of Careers Education, Information and Guidance

Personal Development in CEIAG is delivered during the curriculum in Years 7 to 13, to provide both a range of opportunities specific to a year group and across the whole school. Material and courses are constructed by the Citizenship Curriculum Leader in partnership with the Careers Adviser; the Assistant Head Teacher Intervention & Groups and the Director of 6th Form.

Careers education delivery within school is complemented by an appropriate Independent Careers Adviser and is delivered in the following ways:

  • Opportunities for individual and group interviews for Year 11.
  • Individual interviews available for Year 9, 10, 12 and 13 through school and self-referral.
  • Group curriculum sessions for Year 12 on the opportunities available post 18. Students work on Unifrog software for UCAS applications supported by the student’s tutor, co-ordinated and overseen by the Director of 6th Form Director.
  • Assemblies, group sessions and talks to year groups arranged by the Careers Adviser.
  • Attendance at Parent’s Evenings, Assembly presentations, Open Events, Careers Fair & Aspirations Presentations, Next Steps interviews, Year 8 & 9 Options Evening.
  • The promotion of opportunities through internal and external events and articles and adverts in the weekly online Newsletter to students, parents and staff.
  • The advertising of upcoming opportunities and events on display boards around school.
  • Liaising with FE providers and collating information on behalf of the school for reporting Destinations Measures data. 
  • Close liaison with SEN to support students with additional needs and personalised liaison with FE and specialist local providers to enable a smooth transition for the student.

Careers Resources

These are situated in C10, which is open daily with Drop-In sessions at break and lunchtime for any student. In addition, all students have an individual login for Unifrog, the school’s careers related software. Students are also given access to information and advice through the school website which provides links to a wide range of websites which provide up to date careers information.

Personal Guidance

Individual independent guidance interviews with the Careers Adviser are available via self-referral for any student in years 7 to 13. This is supported with additional independent Careers Advisers at Parent’s Evenings for years 10 and 11 along with year 8 & 9 Options Evening.

Work Experience

In July, a week work experience placement is undertaken by each student in Year 10 and a further opportunity is optional for Year12 students. A small number of students also participate in highly personalised work experience opportunities as part of the Alternative Curriculum in years 10 and 11. The Year 9 Alternative Curriculum (introduced in 2016-17) offers two practical, hands on courses which link closely to the world of work – Maintenance and Trade and Hospitality and Catering.

Specialist Visitors

Students gain access to professionals in a range of careers through participation in activities such the biennial Careers Fair which include very popular ‘Aspiration Presentations’, events during National Careers Week and National Apprenticeship Week, Mock Interviews, Year 11 Transition Day and Year 12 Next Steps.

Off Site Career Information Opportunities

These are organised and offered to Year 11 through the ‘Skills Show’ and ‘College Taster’ to enable IGS students to explore the different options available to them post 16. Open days for a wide range of colleges and training providers are all promoted and students are encouraged to attend these out of school.

STEM and Digital Industries

There are a number of opportunities for students to participate in these events, for example, for example Year 9 students receive an Aviation invitation prior to their GCSE Option selection process.

Students also have access to guest speakers from universities, professions, armed services and voluntary organisations as required and when opportunities arise to increase awareness and knowledge in specific areas.

A cohort of 20 Year 11 students attended the first ‘Digital Ilkley’ event in November 2016 which showcased the best local career opportunities in the new technology sector.

Post 16

Students are provided with a range of opportunities and strategies to enable them to develop greater knowledge and awareness of Higher/Further Education and alternative employment opportunities or options through:

  • Visits to Universities for Year 12 students
  • Events and opportunities which provide information on financial budgeting, planning and access to student loans
  • Careers Assemblies
  • Our careers software, Unifrog
  • Open access to information in the Careers Office, C10 and ICT facilities
  • Publications produced by the school and careers adviser

All year 12 students have group guidance sessions in PEP curriculum time with the Careers Adviser. Year 12 and 13 students can also self-refer for an individual interview and are also supported by the 6th Form Student Manager and the 6th Form Director. The student’s tutor supervises their UCAS applications on Unifrog and this is overseen by the 6th Form Director.


Students receive information and advice at transition points through events such as:

  • Year 8 and 9 GCSE Options, Post 16 and 18 choices:
  • Assemblies, advice sessions to individuals, discrete and whole year groups by LT, Careers Adviser, Independent Careers Advisers, Year Leaders and Tutors.
  • An annual planned day organised for all Year 11 students on 6th Form studies, college courses and apprenticeships (Transition Day) also, school organised optional attendance at a local College Taster and the National Skills Guidance Show.
  • An annual planned day of an organised carousel of presentations for all Year 12 students with a focus on career adaptability from higher education, alternative HE pathways, Apprenticeships, Gap year and voluntary options (Next Steps). A week of Leadership opportunities or further work experience in July.
  • Careers Fair and Aspirations Presentations held at Ilkley Grammar School Bi-annually in Term 1 for all students and their Parents/ Carers in Years 7 – 13.
  • Handouts and links to websites provided by national bodies and internally for a variety of pathways.
  • Links and liaison with local colleges and employers providing alternative pathways to A levels.

To summarise, Ilkley Grammar School provides students with access to information on the full range of career pathways available so that students are empowered to make informed choices about their next steps and the career options available to them.

If you have any further questions or require additional information please contact Karen Mitchell by email on karen.mitchell@ilkleygs.co.uk 

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