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Business and Economics

Business Studies taught at GCSE, and Business and Economics taught at 'A' Level provides the opportunity for students to develop a wide range of business related knowledge and skills. We cover a wide range of topics relating to business such as Economics, Accounting, Marketing, Law, Human Resources and others which enable students to 'taste' vocational areas that they may wish to pursue after school. Students have many opportunities to apply ICT skills while following this course. As well as word processing and desk-top publishing, they make good use of spread sheet programmes, applying Mathematics and Statistics and, of course, extensive use of English. Students have the chance to apply what they have learned in class by setting up a LEAP company.

Business Studies covers a wide range of knowledge and skills and is therefore a good preparation for a wide range of degree courses including Business Studies, Marketing, Economics and Accounts. As a course which has a vocational slant, it provides an excellent preparation for immediate entry into the world of work. The department prides itself on very positive relationships between students and staff, extensive enrichment opportunities, excellent levels of contemporary subject knowledge and good examination results. The team work hard to plan innovative lessons to encourage students to engage with what they are learning and enjoy this subject.

Economics draws on skills developed in both Arts and Science subjects and employs them in the understanding of one of the central problems of today's society, that of limited resources and unlimited wants. This understanding is developed through a critical consideration of current events and problems that affect everyday life. Those taking the course learn to apply economic concepts and theories to a range of situations and appreciate their value and limitations in explaining real world phenomena.The course covers the market system and the role of the government, market failure and government intervention and an understanding of the British economy. At A2 students study the role of work and leisure, the UK Economy and an understanding of the European Union. For the top students there is the opportunity to take the AEA award to enrich their subject knowledge in preparation for University.

We teach GCSE Business (Edexcel), AS and A2 Business Studies (AQA) and AS Economics (OCR: Markets in Action).Business and Economics offer a range of enrichment opportunities, share trading competition, revision conferences, and other visits and in the recent past we have taken students to New York in February half-term as part of a social science trip.