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Year 9 Diversity Day

Thursday 29th June 2023

Diversity Day 06 African drummingWe have the pleasure of bringing our third Diversity Day to Year 9 students as a Celebration of Equality and Inclusion.

Vision for Diversity Day

To celebrate diversity and champion equality to ensure that it lies at the heart of the school’s vision and ethos. This day is a step on our journey to ensure that we have a respectful and inclusive culture where there are no ‘by-standers’ and that diverse characters are represented within the dynamic of our school, reflecting our rich and cohesive community.

There will be a carousel of workshops throughout the day:




A workshop on Mindfulness Meditation - a way of relaxing and focusing on your breathing. This workshop will help you to be ‘really in the moment’ and ‘achieve calm.’

Sign Language

A workshop showcasing the wonderful world of sign language that will help you communicate with the deaf community and give you an insight into why it is so important.


An interactive look into the History of LGBTQ+ rights and the understanding of key facts, to help further our work as a school on tackling all types of LGBTQ bullying and support our LGBTQ+ community both within and outside of school.

World Religions

All 6 world religions will come together to give you an insight into how their religion works and their beliefs.

 Representatives from Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Muslim and Sikhism will give talks and answer any questions you may have.

Origami & Japanese Art

An introduction into the Japanese art of origami with all it’s wonderful colours and shapes and the art of bending paper!

African Drumming

An exciting cacophony of sounds from African drums and percussion that you will be able to play. You will also gain an understanding of the significance of these drums in African Celebrations and Tribal Rituals.

World Dance

This workshop will introduce you to various world dances with roots in Indian, Arabic and African Culture. Get your body moving and get ready for feet stomping and rhythmic body popping Be prepared to dance your heart out!

Art Workshop

In art you'll be making a monoprint that celebrates what makes you, you! Collectively everyone's work will form part of a huge collaborative piece of art over three metres in size!

Guide Dogs

An introduction into how Guide Dogs are trained for the blind and partially sighted people. You will even get the opportunity to meet some of the dogs in training!

Gender Equality

A look at how we all play a part in ensuring that people are equal and respected regardless of the gender that they identify as and how we can all become a part of making a change for the better with no bystanders.


In this workshop you are invited to engage with immersive and knowledge building activities and leave with some deeper insight, and some practical advice, around understanding people with Autism.

RESPECT: Anti-Bullying workshop

An investigation into the different forms of bullying and how the Anti bullying team are working to stamp out any kind of bullying by advocating no bystanders and how to become an ‘upstander’. There is an exploration of the book written by IGS students ‘RESPECT’ as well as a focus on anti-racism.

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Our Anti-bullying book 'RESPECT' written by IGS students.

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