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Year 12 Parents’ Evening


16:00 - 19:00

Appointments will take place remotely via video call. This is an opportunity to speak with your child's subject teachers and ask any questions you may have. As for all parents’ evenings, your child is also asked to participate in the appointments.

In order to ensure that the evening runs as smoothly as possible, we would be very grateful if you could read the details in the Video Appointments section carefully prior to the Parents' Evening.

Booking System

The SchoolCloud appointment booking system ( will be available prior to the booking and parents/carers will be notified via email.

Login Details: One main contact for each student will receive a separate email containing login details for the system; these must be entered exactly as shown and we recommend that you try logging in before bookings open to ensure you can gain access to the system. Other contacts with parental responsibility should also be able to login using their own details, but we would ask that only one set of appointments is made per student. We would advise you to make your appointments promptly as popular times tend to get booked up quickly. Alternatively, please inform us if you are unavailable on the evening by logging into the booking system and selecting ‘I’m unable to attend’.

Staff Availability: Most teachers are available for appointments between 4pm and 7pm. A limited number are starting and finishing slightly later, with the final appointments ending at 7.30pm.

Appointment Lengths: The arrangements vary across departments. For some, you will be able to book separate 5 minute appointments with both teachers of a class. For others, you will have a 10 minute appointment if one teacher is representing two, or if both teachers are on the same video call. Occasionally you will be limited to one 5 minute appointment for a subject due to capacity issues.

Automatic Appointment Scheduler: If you use the automatic appointment scheduler, please review your list of appointments afterwards to ensure all subjects have been included.

Travel Time: As this is a virtual evening, the requirement for travel time has been removed. The system will allow you to book all your appointments without a break, subject to teachers having available slots. You are welcome to build in breaks between appointments if preferred, but to do so you must choose the ‘manual’ booking option.

Waiting List: If a teacher is fully booked when you are trying to make your appointments, you will have an opportunity to join their waiting list. Please note, however, that the waiting list is only accessible when booking your appointments manually and not via the automatic appointment scheduler. When booking automatically, you will receive an advisory message on the screen to say which teachers are unavailable. If required, you could then use the manual method afterwards to select the teacher in question and join their waiting list. We will review this list regularly in case there are any cancellations, or to assess whether we can provide an appointment with an alternative teacher.  

Problems or Questions: If you are having difficulty logging in or have any other questions, please email or call the main school office on 01943 608424 for assistance.

Video Appointments

When you book your appointments, you will receive an automatic confirmation email. Within this message you will find a link to login to the system and join the video calls on the day of the appointments (or before if you wish to test your equipment). You will need to confirm your child's date of birth and will then see a green ‘Join Video Appointments’ button.

Alternatively, you can access your SchoolCloud account via the main login screen again ( If you experienced any technical issues with your preferred device during the Meet the Tutor Evening video calls in October, we would recommend that you use your child's iPad/laptop to login to the system. You will require a microphone and speaker, together with a compatible browser and ideally a camera, but further guidance and information can be found on the SchoolCloud website HERE.

As virtual parents’ evenings are still relatively new, we would be grateful if students could have Microsoft Teams open on their device as well. In the event of any technical issues with the SchoolCloud video calls, the subject teachers will try to contact you via Teams, however due to both parents and staff having multiple appointments this may not be possible in many instances.
We look forward to speaking with you on the evening but if you have any particular queries please do not hesitate to contact school.

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