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Our School

Moorlands Learning Trust

MLT_LogoMain-StackedMoorlands Learning Trust(MLT) was formed on July 1st 2017, when Ilkley Grammar School converted its single academy trust to multi-academy trust (MAT) status. 

Over time the trust intends to grow its membership to create a wide-ranging network of highly successful education providers across all sectors including secondary, primary, Post 16 and alternative settings.

The Trust's Vision

The Moorlands Learning Trust vision is one where its students will be equipped with the confidence and skills to make a positive difference to their own lives and to the lives of others. Through Moorlands Learning Trust, our schools and academies will learn from and challenge each other. They will take opportunities to develop the range of provisions across the Trust, in order to enhance the achievement and experiences of all students in MLT and to enrich their lives and the opportunities they have - both now and in the future. The Trust’s over-arching aim is to develop and sustain high quality educational experiences for all, where parents and the wider community are proud for their children to attend an MLT school or academy, secure in the knowledge that their child will succeed and achieve their personal best as a result.

MLT school and academy partners share the same moral purpose: to play a key role in the wider development of our region and its future generations. We aim to do this by securing success for all our students, in order to ensure that individual context does not affect an MLT student’s life chances. This is achieved by partners working strategically together, drawing on the support of others when required, to ensure that every student within our care, whether mainstream secondary, primary, post 16, specialist or alternative provision, and from whatever background and starting point, will receive an exceptional education. Students’ future prospects will therefore be enhanced by Moorlands Learning Trust and its wider partnerships, including those in already successful schools, with local communities also strengthened by the involvement of the Trust.

MLT schools, leaders and trustees are aspirational for every student within the Trust and all are committed to sharing in continuous school improvement by playing their part in achieving success and inspiring others to do so too. Fundamental to this is a core focus on enhancing our students’ experiences and achievements through high quality, wide-ranging curricular and extra-curricular experiences, underpinned by rigorous and systematic support and challenge of all schools.

Over the coming years we hope to build on our success to further grow our partner schools as well as develop the opportunities on offer for students and staff alike within the Trust. If you would like to find out more about our Trust then please contact us.

Helen Williams, CEO

Our Schools

Joining Moorlands Learning Trust

Any school or educational setting interested in finding out more about our learning trust or wanting to join should contact Helen Williams, CEO on 01943 608424 or email

The Members

The members are akin to the shareholders of the trust and act as the guardians of the governance of the trust. They monitor the work of the trust (including through reviewing its yearly audited accounts and annual report).

MLT Members

  • Keith Bothamley
  • Michael Brook
  • Sara Morrissey
  • Jack Rickard
  • Lindsey Wharmby

The Trustees

The board of trustees is the accountable body of the trust, and is responsible for the conduct and standards of all the schools within it. The board must fulfil the following three core governance functions, as described in the Governance Handbook:

  1. Ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction.
  2. Hold the executive to account for the educational performance of the schools and their pupils, and the performance management of staff.
  3. Oversee the financial performance of the trust and make sure its money is well spent.

MLT Trustees

  • Andrew Bradley
  • Imogen Clark
  • David Cutter
  • Alan Halsall
  • Sara Morrissey
  • Helen Williams

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

The Academies Financial Handbook makes it clear that all academy trusts must have a senior executive leader, and that this should be a permanent role. This person should also be nominated as the trust's accounting officer, a role which includes personal responsibility for the financial resources under the trust's control.


Helen Williams


Alison Kaye

Contacting Moorlands Learning Trust

Please contact the Clerk to the Board of Trustees and Members - Adele Wood on 01943 608424 

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