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After the success of our participation in the national No Mow May campaign, initiated by Plantlife, we have an abundance of wildflowers on site!

Hopefully, we've managed to identify them properly but there are some we don't know at all. Please contact us if you recognise our unidentified flowers (or if any of the others have been labelled incorrectly)!

1 Bird's-foot Trefoil 2 x2 Common Mouse-ear Daisy 9 Ox-eye Daisy
Bird's-foot Trefoil Common Mouse-ear Daisy Ox-eye Daisy
5 Germander Speedwell x6 Meadow Buttercup x7 Meadow Vetchling Red Clover
Germander Speedwell Meadow Buttercup Meadow Vetchling Red Clover
No Mow May 10 No Mow May 3 No Mow May 8 No Mow May 9
Orange Hawksweed Common Sorrel (& buttercups) Lady's Smock (a.k.a Cuckoo Flower, Mayflower, Milkmaid) To be indentified

We've Gone Wild!

As a result of No Mow May we have now designated 'No Mow Zones' which will be left to flower naturally for the remainder of the summer. We'll be keeping an eye on them for new growth and organising further flower and plant management in the new academic year. If you would like to help out or are part of a group that would like to get involved please contact

1 Bird's-foot Trefoil zone 2 Germander Speedwell Zone
Bird's-foot Trefoil No Mow Zone Germander Speedwell No Mow Zone
3 Meadow Buttercups 4 Red Clover Zone
Meadow Buttercup No Mow Zone Red Clover No Mow Zone
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