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Post-16 Students


In order to secure the best Post-18 destination possible, students need to produce a competitive student profile over the course of their time in Post-16. This will be compiled using a combination of the Personal Development folder on Showbie and the destinations platform Unifrog. The objective is to develop a portfolio of personal, social and academic skills and experiences which combine with your academic studies to ensure you can make competitive applications. These skills and experiences are developed through, the taught curriculum, tutor time, Wednesday PBT (Personal Best Time), CEP lessons (Curriculum Enhancement Programme), and all your leadership and extra-curricular activities.

To find out more about Personal Development click here.

Tutorials (Registration), Personal Best Time and iTalks

Daily attendance is required for year 12 at all tutorials / registrations. This is an essential daily contact point with your tutor. They will share information via the weekly bulletin and direct you to independent research for Post-16.

Year 13 students attend tutor time each day in the autumn term and the weekly Personal Best Time has a Next Steps focus alongside a mentoring programme.

Every Wednesday Year 12 students attend Personal Best Time (PBT) and in the first weeks of term activities focus on induction, and team building. From around half term, once the Student Leadership Programme is up and running, year 12 students divide into 3 groups and participate in the following activities:

  1. iTalks – a series of Talks delivered in F Hall or remotely given by staff and outside speakers on a varietyof themes/personal experiences. These are modelled on the Ted Talk model.

  2. PBT and Wellbeing ILeader programme.

  3. Individual mentoring with tutors.

Curriculum Enhancement Programme (CEP) - Year 12 only

The Year 12 CEP Programme includes the following:

  • Study and Research Skills; preparation for A Level / EPQ and further studies
  • Mental health and healthy relationships
  • Life Skills – budgeting and student finance
  • Next Steps and Future Pathways (Post-18)
  • British Values including tolerance, respect and the rule of law

Timetabled Personal Enrichment Programme (PEP)

At IGS we are passionate about offering students personalised pathways that are most suitable for them. In Year 12 students can choose to study 3 or 4 subjects. If they choose to study 4 then their 4th subject can be either taken as a full A-level or as an AS, to be completed in Year 12. Alternatively, students can choose to do 3 subjects and follow a programme of enrichment. Students can apply to do different enrichment options to make up their personalised enrichment programme. These options include:

This opens up a wider range of higher-quality opportunities for IGS students as they consider their options after Post-16.

Academic Enrichment: Subject Enhancement Lists

Please click on an A-Level subject to download the subject enhancement lists produced for each subject by our Post-16 staff.





















P.E. (A-Level)









Leadership Opportunities

At IGS we are committed to supporting students in achieving their potential through developing leadership skills. At IGS there are various opportunities for students to develop these skills and attributes;

  • Student Leadership Team (SLT),
  • PBT iLeaders (accredited position),
  • Mental Health iLeaders (accredited position),
  • Subject Ambassadors,
  • Student Council Representatives,
  • Other iLeader roles and opportunities

Below is an outline of the responsibilities of these positions:

Student Leadership Team (SLT)

Including two Head Students, 5 deputies and 11 additional members

Being a member of the SLT is seen as being an honour and is something that younger students aspire to become. Students have to formally apply for the position supported by sponsorship of one member of staff. Selection is not automatic as there are specific requirements to fulfil.

Following the application round when students express interest in putting themselves forward to be Head Student and/or Deputy in writing, applicants then attend a short informal 1:1 pre-interview to discuss the roles in more detail. Students are then invited to progress to the final round of interviews before a selection panel.

The final Post-16 SLT team is then finalised based the written applications and the informal interviews. The whole team is typically around 18-20 students.

Alongside the final interview student and staff voice is taken into account before making a final decision about the Head and Deputy Head Students.


  • You must be a first-class Post-16 role model for all students lower down the school
  • You must be mature, polite, trustworthy, well organised and committed
  • You should have a record of giving your Personal Best, during your time in Post-16 and/or previously.
  • You should have an excellent or significantly improved record of attendance and punctuality
  • You should have excellent inter-personal skills and have the ability to show leadership alongside being a team player
  • Over time you are likely to have made a significant contribution to the life of the school (sport, music, drama, charitable, volunteering, etc.)
  • You should be willing to support and challenge the school
  • You should be committed to using your own personal skills and experience to making a positive difference to others


  • To meet fortnightly with members of the school Student Leadership Team
  • To represent the student body at Department meetings, staff Learning Forum as required
  • To meet with the Headteacher, Leadership Team and Governors as required
  • To attend a variety of school events both in school (Open Evening/Parents’ Information Evenings, etc) and in the local community (Presentation Evenings, Red Kite Alliance events, etc)
  • To commit to 1 breaktime and 1 lunchtime duty per week. These will always be conducted in pairs and you will be deployed according to your skills and experience
  • To make a commitment to the wider iLeader Programme to strengthen wider student leadership activity across the school
  • Each Deputy Head student will have responsibility for a KS3/4 year group and will act as a link between Post-16 SLT and the PrExL/Head of Year as well as having responsibility for an identified ‘priority area’ e.g. student wellbeing

Personal Best Time (PBT) iLeaders (Accredited Position):

This position allows students to work closely with a specific form group in either Year 7,8 or 9 and to help students build their confidence and skills. Students will have the opportunity to lead on sessions within PBT, a chance to develop their own PBT sessions on topics they are passionate about and want other students to share in that passion, as well as supporting other year groups at events such as Charities Week. Students also have the opportunity to accompany a year group during the Challenge & Celebration week should they wish. Students volunteer for this position which also allows students to work towards achieving the SSAT Student Leadership Accreditation certificate, giving them a chance to develop their own leadership qualities and skills which can be used to help support future applications to Universities or Employers.

Mental Health iLeaders (accreditation pending)

This key position allows students to develop their understanding of Mental Health issues as well as explore multiple strategies that can support when people are experiencing poor mental health. Following a bespoke training plan, iLeaders will use their new skills to raise awareness of Mental Health and promote methods to improve student wellbeing through assemblies, PBT sessions, and a whole Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Week. This position will develop leadership qualities and skills to improve whole school provision of Mental Health support at IGS. It will also provide an opportunity for self-reflection and support with iLeaders own journey in becoming better practitioners in terms of their own day-to-day mental health.

Subject iLeaders:

This position allows students to be an advocate for a subject area supporting learners, curriculum-based events and promoting their subject area.  Students volunteer for this position which is supported by subject staff. Students who are following the Work Experience enrichment strand will initially be a subject iLeader until their work experience is organised and approved.


  • To promote/advertise the subject within the Post-16 area
  • To support students lower down the school in their learning within lessons
  • To attend Post-16 and whole school Open Evenings to support the subject area
  • To offer a student’s view of the subject on Taster Day
  • To support ‘choice’ events/programmes e.g. KS3 into 4 options
  • To support whole school curriculum-based events e.g. Arts Evening, Public Speaking, etc.

Student Council Representatives

This well-established position allows students to have their voices and the voices of their peers heard at a whole school level. It provides students with opportunities to work with the school leadership as well as the Post-16 SLT to make positive difference to the experiences of students here at IGS. Students will represent their form group at the Year Team Council run by Mrs Pickard and then can represent the year group at the School Council Meetings run by Mr Boyd.

Subject Ambassadors

Students can apply to be subject ambassadors and promote the subject at school events e.g. Open Evening. Ambassadors will be first approved by the subject area. They can also be proposed by subject areas.

Other iLeader opportunities

As part of the school’s wider Leadership programme, students will have access to a bespoke menu that offers a large range of leadership opportunities for students to get involved with and really enhance their Sixth Form experience. These opportunities will give students a chance to develop those softer skills outside of the academic world which can be used to support their future applications to Universities and employers. For further information, look out for the Student Leadership Menu or speak to the Student Leadership Coordinator.

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

Voluntary Work

As part of the Personal Enrichment Programme students are strongly encouraged to participate in voluntary work during their time in the Sixth Form. This includes volunteering in local charity shops, nursing homes, the local medical patients’ council and local primary schools.


Post-16 students support many charities through a wide range of initiatives.  Every year we hold a 'charity week' in order to raise money for the chosen charity.  In 2020 students raised over £5000 for Children in Need. £6152 was also raised as part of Charities Week to support a range of charities selected by our students: Cancer Support Yorkshire; Bradford Hospitals’ Charity; The Clarke Foley Centre and The Eve Appeal. Over the Christmas period in 2020 Post-16 students made donations to the local food bank.


The school competes in both local area and national sporting competitions in a variety of different sports, including netball, rugby, hockey, football and cross country. We also offer students the opportunity to gain a Level 3 qualification in Sports Leadership as part of our enrichment program. Post-16 is not just about the academic – its important students stay physically fit both mentally and physically to help them in their quest for excellence.

Trips and Visits

As a Post-16 student (COVID permitting) students will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of trips - from Iceland and CERN (Geography & Science), Geography trips to Cranedale, Skiing in Europe and/or USA/Canada, Exchanges to France and Spain, Theatre and Art Trips to London…the choice is enormous.  Our staff are committed to extra-curricular opportunities and Ilkley Grammar School prides itself on developing the whole student both academically and socially.

  • World Challenge: Are you up for a challenge of a lifetime? Trekking, camping, teamwork, leadership, exploring, completing a community project, fundraising are all part of a World Challenge trip. IGS are taking a World Challenge team to Nepal and another team to Eswatini in July 2022. The next destination is Vietnam in 2023.

Music and the Performing Arts

The school puts on dance, drama and music productions during the year and Year 12 and 13 always play key roles both on stage and backstage. These are all seen as a major feature of school life. This year the school production will be ‘We Will Rock You’ and will be featuring many of our talented Post-16 musicians.
As well as the traditional school orchestras, Ilkley Grammar School has a wide range of student driven bands playing a diverse range of rock, ska, funk, acoustic, bands and vocal groups depending on the talents of students in each year group.  These bands play at Christmas assemblies, leaver’s presentations and charity fundraising events. 

Art and Photography

The art department offers a range of enrichment opportunities. These include visits to local and London galleries, a programme of visiting speakers from the art industry, and the opportunity to enter local and national competitions. We have links with the Ilkley Art School, where many of our students attend Life Drawing classes.

Post-16 student achievement is celebrated with an end of year exhibition, curated and presented by Yr12 students in collaboration with the Manor House Gallery in Ilkley. 

Debating and Public Speaking

Students are encouraged to engage in the Debating society and be involved with the public speaking competitions which are organised by the local Rotary Clubs

The Cutting Edge is an after school event with visiting speakers who are leaders in their field

There is also a student led Post-16 discussion group which seeks to unpick the most sensitive and/or controversial issues of our time.


Students are also encouraged to initiate their own clubs and societies either with their peers or with Key Stage 3 and support is provided by the Post-16 SLT and staff team where possible.

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