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Home School Agreement

We are committed to working in positive partnership and collaboration, recognising the critical relationship between home and school. By positively working together, we can most effectively support, challenge and encourage all students to aim high, model our values and achieve high standards in line with their Personal Best.

The Teachers will:

  • provide a knowledge-rich, well-sequenced curriculum
  • provide inclusive learning experiences to ensure that the individual needs of students are met
  • know their students and their individual needs
  • use feedback and assessment to inform learning and raise achievement
  • use ‘best bets’ from educational research to inform their teaching
  • seek to develop new approaches to learning based on best practice and new technologies (including assistive technologies)
  • use ClassCharts in order to celebrate positives and record negatives
  • set homework opportunities to support home learning and facilitate practice
  • provide opportunities and experiences for students which support their Personal Development so students grow in wisdom and stature
  • work in partnership with parents/carers

All staff will:

  • work positively as a team
  • model and promote the school values: respect, courage, responsibility, kindness, resilience and pride
  • create a safe learning environment for our students
  • promote excellence and high standards
  • support, challenge, value and care for our students so they can achieve their Personal Best
  • communicate clearly and positively with parents/carers in line with our communications policy
  • be reflective and seek to improve and learn

Signed ________________(Headteacher)

The Student will:

  • aim for 100% attendance
  • demonstrate the school values: respect, courage, responsibility, kindness, resilience and pride
  • come equipped for learning both in attitude and with required stationery, charged iPad and books
  • check ClassCharts in order to be informed of homework, positives, negatives, and any sanctions
  • wear the school uniform proudly and correctly
  • show respect for all staff and students
  • behave well so everyone can learn by following the school’s Relationship Policy at all times
  • get involved in school life and Personal Development opportunities
  • take responsibility for their actions
  • work hard and show an excellent commitment to learning to achieve their Personal Best

Signed _________________(Student)

The Parent/carer

By sending our child(ren) to be educated at Ilkley Grammar School we agree to:

  • work positively in partnership with the school to ensure my child achieves their Personal Best
  • ensure excellent attendance and no holidays in term time
  • monitor ClassCharts in order to be informed of any positives, negatives or sanctions
  • attend parents’ evenings
  • support and facilitate learning at home, using the strategies promoted by school
  • support the school standards including uniform and conduct
  • support the school values

We value our strong relationships between school and home and are committed to mutual respect in communication at all times in line with the communications policy.

Signed  _________________(Parent/Guardian)

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