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STUDENT 365 MIGRATION INFORMATION (summer/autumn 2021 works)

Planned IT Maintenance works have upgraded all student accounts. Please follow the instructions below:

Student Office 365 accounts have been migrated over summer 2021and this means that some work is needed on student devices to set up the new (upgraded) accounts. Old files, both email and one-drive are in the process of being migrated across.

Accessing email on Mobile devices

Steps need to be taken to unlink your old account and add the account back in. These steps depend on which application you are using, see below for steps to follow:

If you are using "Mail" app on iphone / ipad:

Open settings app, then scroll down to "Mail" the "Accounts"

Click your account and "Delete Account" then select "Add Account" then select "Microsoft Exchange"

Enter your email address ( and click next

Click sign in and then save. You may be prompted for your password during this step, just use your normal school computer one.

If you are using "Outlook" app on mobile device or phone:

​​​​​​​Open Outlook and click the icon in the top left corner next to Inbox

Click on the cog on the bottom left

Select your account and scroll to the bottom and click "Delete Account"

You should then be able to click "Add Email Account" then "Add Email Account" and use your school email and password.

If this does not work, try removing and re-adding the app.

If you are not able to complete this, see your form tutor on the first day back in school and they will assist you. You can still use a web browser (Chrome or Edge) to access your emails.

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