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Post-16 Students


Post-16 should be a memorable experience both academically and socially. However, some students do face pressures which may affect wellbeing and progress. Students are encouraged to not be afraid to ask for help and advice when necessary. School can usually provide effective support if an issue is brought to the attention of a member of this support network early enough.

Student Support Manager

Harriet Miller is the Year 12 Student Support Manager   

The Student Support Manager is a trained member of staff who is available to offer support and advice to students experiencing problems and/or hardships.

The purpose of the student manager is to give students a point of contact with whom they can communicate their difficulties. Appropriate guidance is then given to students and parents/ staff / outside agencies are contacted as appropriate.

Support from student managers can take many forms; coping mechanisms for anxiety, strategies to support organisational difficulties, self-confidence issues and not coping in school are to name but a few. Some students may require a long-term system of support; others may just need temporary respite. Whatever the issue, the Student Manager will ensure that all assistance that can be given within school is given.

Tutoring and Academic Mentoring

All students in Post-16 are assigned a personal tutor and all students undertake a programme which supports the development of life skills and wider enrichment. We take great pride in the tutor-student relationships we foster through academic mentoring and pastoral support.   

Summary of student support and guidance




1. Subject Teachers

2. Head of Department

4. Inclusive Learning Team

3 Learning Leader (Y12)

4 Form Tutor

5 Student Achievement Manager (SAM)

6.Mentoring programme (tutor)

1 Form Tutor

2 Student Support Manager

3 ‘Place 2 Be’ Counsellor

4. Other External agencies as required

1 Form Tutor

2 UCAS (Mr Sykes)

3 Work Experience, Employment & Training (Karen Mitchell)

4. Visiting speakers

5. Alumni and other supporters of the school

Pastoral Concerns

The Student Manager deals with many students with pastoral concerns daily. This can be over minor issues such as lost paperwork, dress code or advice can be about more serious issues/pastoral concerns.  In the first instance they will work with the student. Concerns of a more serious nature will be referred to the Director of Post-16 and parents contacted where appropriate. Teachers / Tutor with any pastoral concerns will pass these on the Student Support Mangers. 

Individual Needs and Student Support

Some Post-16 students will benefit from specific input from the Inclusive Learning Department. This may include Exam Access Arrangements, literacy support or, in the case of some students, specific learning strategies. The Inclusive Learning department can be found on G Corridor in Office G2. A referral can be made through the Student Managers, tutor, a subject teacher or by emailing Every student with an identified need will have a ‘Pupil Passport’ to record how their learning can be supported. Students joining IGS in Year 12 with any specific needs should ensure any important information is passed on and request that any relevant information from their previous school is transferred.

Financial Support

The 16-19 Bursary is available to all Post-16 students meeting the criteria. Application forms and details of the entry criteria are available in early September from the Post-16 office and the school website. Applications can be made at any point in the year but are typically made before the end of September.

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