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IGS Uniform (KS3 and 4)

Our uniform is sensible, practical and smart. Students are expected to wear their uniform with pride.

Students will be challenged where they fall short of our high standards and sanctions will be applied if required.  Students are ambassadors for the school when they are out in the community and wearing school uniform and are expected to behave accordingly.Uniform 0315

  • Black, flat, plain shoes or ankle boots  
  • Socks or black tights 
  • Grey pleated skirt or plain dark grey trousers 
  • Plain black belt  
  • Plain white shirt, top button done and tucked in 
  • Blazer with school crest 
  • School tie, crest showing 
  • Any non-branded black or grey jumper (Tie must be visible)
  • School hoodie or coat may be worn outside 
  • Headscarf in black, grey, or year group tie colour

The IGS Eco-iLeaders regularly arrange a pre-loved uniform sale where quality second-hand uniform can be purchased.

Our updated non-gendered jewellery/make-up/hair policy respects students’ sense of individuality and self-expression, appreciating that this helps to promote positive mental health and self-image. It also recognises privilege of age whilst still ensuring a safe, inclusive environment where the focus is on high quality education for all and not on appearance. Whilst we do have a relatively liberal approach, there are some parameters and requirements which are non-negotiable either for health and safety reasons, age restrictions/recommendations, practical reasons and for ensuring students are not the subject of value judgements or placed under peer-pressure.


Key Stage 3:

Years 7, 8 and 9

Key Stage 4:

Years 10 and 11



NB: Elaborate/expensive jewellery of any kind should not be worn.


Dangly earrings or earrings which stretch the lobe are not permitted.


Body/facial piercings including nose, eyebrow and tongue piercings, including the use of retainers, are not allowed in years 7-11.


Students are permitted to wear:

·      1 pair of small studs or small sleeper/small hoop or huggie earrings

·      1 plain/flat ring

·      1 bracelet



Students are permitted to wear:

·       Small studs/small sleeper/small hoop earrings and/or huggies

·       Maximum 2 plain/flat rings

·       Maximum 2 bracelets

·       A necklace may be worn but must not be visible


All jewellery must be removed for PE and other practical activities as required. Students must be able to remove their jewellery quickly so learning time is not wasted and its safe keeping remains the responsibility of the student. This is another reason why expensive jewellery should not be brought into school.

Make-Up/nail varnish


Nail extensions including acrylic extension are not allowed in years 7-11.

Make-up/fake tan, with the exception of the discreet use of cover-up, is not allowed.


Nail varnish is not allowed.


Discreet/subtle make-up is allowed.


Discreet nail varnish (nude and pale pastel colours only) is allowed. NB: Nail varnish may not be worn during food practicals due to health and safety legislation.

The use of self-tanning products is not advised. If parents/carers allow their child to use these, then they must ensure that they are applied evenly and subtly.



There are no rules/judgements about the length a student chooses to wear their hair, although long hair must be tied back for PE and other practical subjects.



Hair colours must be natural. Given that all legal colouring products in the UK should not be used on persons under the age of 16, no bold or extreme hair colouring is allowed in years 7-11.


Visible lines/patterns/symbols shaved into the head are not allowed

Non-exhaustive list of recognised school uniform suppliers:

The IGS Eco-iLeaders hold an annual pre-loved uniform sale each July, where quality second-hand uniform can be purchased at very reasonable prices.

For branded IGS items

For non-branded items of school uniform e.g. trousers and shirts

  • Primark
  • Marks and Spencer
  • John Lewis
  • Sainsbury's
  • Asda
  • Or other mainstream suppliers of school uniform

To buy and sell 'pre-loved' uniform throughout the year please visit IGS Market Place on Facebook.

Uniform MarketplaceThis is a group for Ilkley Grammar School parents and staff to buy and sell second hand school uniform, sports wear and sports equipment, miscellaneous educational equipment, books etc, to raise funds for the PTA.

Please provide a description, photo and asking price with your post. Once sold, we ask the sellers to make a donation (50% suggested minimum) to the PTA using Parentpay.

Thank you!

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