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IGS Uniform (KS3 and 4)

UNIFORM GIRL.jpgUNIFORM BOY.jpgOur uniform is sensible, practical and smart. Students are expected to wear their uniform with pride. Students will be challenged where they fall short of our high standards and sanctions will be applied if required.  Students are ambassadors for the school when they are out in the community and wearing school uniform and are expected to behave accordingly.

  • Blazer: black with school crest (compulsory). Available from uniform stockists.  Along with the school tie, the blazer is how students are recognised as members of our school community and consequently it must be worn at all times unless for a specific, agreed reason.
  • Shirt: plain, white and tucked in with the top button fastened. No short, fitted shirts or blouses.
  • School tie: the colour of the school tie is individual to the year and is available from uniform stockists.  The crest must show below the knot at all times.
  • Skirt: wrap-around, partly pleated in grey to be worn no more than 6cms above the knee.  Available from uniform stockists.  There may be a requirement to wear trousers if the skirt is repeatedly worn too short.
  • Trousers: dark grey, plain and sensible style made from a suitable material such as cotton/polyester.  For the avoidance of doubt, it is easiest if trousers are bought from a recognised mainstream stockist of school uniform (see list below).  Trousers must not be overly baggy or tight.  Outside pockets, visible stitching, hipsters, flared trousers, denim and brushed cotton are not allowed.  Belts must be black, plain and cannot be heavily branded.   
  • Shoes: black leather, sensible and practical in style, no trainers (even if black).  Shoes must be either flat or with low heels.  Students coming into school without the correct footwear will be given school pumps to wear.
  • Pullover: (optional) plain, V-necked in grey with the school logo.  Available from uniform stockists.  No non-school pullovers, jumpers, hoodies or sweatshirts may be worn at any time and will be confiscated.
  • Socks: Plain black, grey or white.
  • Tights: nude or black.
  • Coat: If it is wet or cold students are allowed to wear a coat outside at break and lunchtime or an IGSS branded hoodie over the top of the blazer.  These must be removed before entering the classroom. 
  • Jewellery:  only one plain stud in each ear lobe is permitted. No other facial, tongue or body piercings are permitted.  If worn students will be required to remove them immediately, they will be confiscated and returned to parents.  'Retainers' worn in place of piercings, rings and bracelets are not permitted.
  • Headscarf (worn for religious reasons): if worn this needs to be black or grey.  However it can match the colour of your year group tie.
  • Hairstyle: must not be extreme (e.g. overtly short or involving shaved lines).  Hair colour must be natural and not highly coloured or streaked.
  • Makeup: this is not permitted in years 7, 8 and 9.  In years 10 and 11 it must be discreet.  If it is noticeable it is not discreet. 

Non-exhaustive list of recognised school uniform suppliers:

For branded IGS items

  • Dobson & Robinson, The Grove, Ilkley
  • Wharfedale Uniforms, Carleton New Road, Skipton

For non-branded items of school uniform e.g. trousers and shirts

  • Primark
  • Marks and Spencer
  • John Lewis
  • Sainsbury's
  • Asda
  • Or other mainstream suppliers of school uniform

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