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Post-16 Students


All students study a minimum of 3 A-Level or BTEC subjects this may also be 1 A-Level subject and a Double BTEC course 

The Post-16 Curriculum Model 

(2 week Timetable, 58 lesson cycle) 

Year 12 

Year 13 

Tutor time Monday to Friday mornings (15 mins) 

Except Wed PBT 

3 A-Levels/BTEC 


1 AS, 4th A-Level or timetabled Enrichment (EPQ, Sports Leaders, Work Experience) 

4 x up to 11 lessons 

3 OR 4 x A-Levels/BTEC 

(EPQ completion for a small cohort) 

3 or 4 x 11 lessons 

Curriculum Enhancement Programme - CEP  

(Study Skills/Wellbeing/Next Steps) 

1 lesson 

Curriculum Enhancement Programme - CEP  

(Study Skills/Wellbeing/Next Steps)  


Personal Best Time (PBT) 


1:1 Mentoring 

1 lesson  







Weekly extended tutorials (1/2 hour) 

Personal Best Time (PBT) including one of: iTalks, leadership opportunities and 1:1 mentoring 

Weekly extended tutorials (1/2 hour) 





Supervised Study 


Home Study (from January) 

The number will vary depending on your core subject options but will typically be around 10 periods per cycle 

Supervised Study (in school) 


Directed Study (in school) 


Home Study (once eligible) 

Up to 25 periods per cycle 

All students sign a study contract indicating their pathway at the start of Year 12. 

The last date for changing a pathway is the 1st October. 

Students are committed to completing their chosen pathway unless there is an exceptional circumstance e.g.  a verified medical reason.

The School Day

The Timing of the School Day

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