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Positive messages from parents and the community

Thank you - Mental Health Webinar

I wanted to let you know how grateful I was for the presentation you gave on well-being and mental health.

I was so impressed by your presentation, it was one of the best webinars I had viewed and I have seen many professionally as a GP.

It is great to know that our children’s mental health is so well supported by you all at school. 

Thank you again for a great webinar

Received: 01 March 2021

Please click here to see our webinar on Mental Health.

Year 8 Parents' Evening - Tuesday 23rd February

I would like to recognise the fantastic efforts of all the staff at IGS during the tough times we have all experienced under lockdown, the provision of online learning and the motivation of the staff has been excellent and you should all feel very proud of yourselves.

Evidence of this has shone through tonight as I have been able to join parents evening through the provision of ‘joint appointments from a different device’ and for most of the teachers it was their first experience of having two parents on the meetings. For me to be able to see and hear, first-hand the feedback provided was brilliant.

With the prospect of being able to back in the classroom very soon I feel is very positive target for both teachers and pupils and I hope all will go to plan.

'D' is certainly looking forward to being back with her teachers and peers, whilst she has embraced the challenge of home working, she has missed the excellent school environment.

Thank you for all your hard work and hope the continued success of IGS will continue going forward.

Received: 23 February 2021

Personal Best Award & Thanks

Thank you for the email acknowledging W's ClassCharts points. It certainly has been a challenging half term & I'm very proud of the resilience W has shown with his remote learning. However I also wanted to take the time to thank each & everyone one of the teachers/staff at IGS for their invaluable contribution they have made to our children’s education. The ethos & values that IGS provide are truly outstanding, we are very fortunate to have such a wonderful school. 

Received: 14 February 2021

You are doing an amazing job

I just wanted to ask you to thank the whole staff group who are looking after Y7. You are doing an amazing job, I know my daughter is finding it as good as it can be in the circumstances. It’s something of a privilege to ‘overhear’ the teaching too. This would of course be a rare opportunity in normal times!  

Sent: 13 February 2021

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Thank you for your comprehensive school update email, including information on the mental health events.

There seems so much to cover and additional requirements on the school, with extra effort necessary to meet the increasing demands.

It's great there is a focus on addressing positive mental health at this time. From my perspective I couldn't be happier with how my year 7 is settling into the school and remote learning.

I am confident she is in good hands, both with her tutor and all the teaching and support staff.

Received: 10 February 2021

Messages received from families following the distribution of the meal kits during half-term:

Please will you pass on massive thanks from me to whoever organised the food hampers....they’re absolutely amazing, and it’s a huge help. Thank you.

Once again many thanks for the food parcels to all those kind people involved.

Thanks so much for organising! The two families I delivered to were amazed by how much there was and thought the recipe cards were fab a huge thanks to IGS for sorting packing etc.

I just wanted to say thank you so much to you all for the fabulous hamper kits, they are a God send & what a wonderful idea. 

We are so grateful.

I just received the parcel. I am so touched by all involved’s kindness. I will never forget the kindness I have been shown. 

I would just like to say a massive thank you for our half term food delivery today. It’s amazing. Well done to everyone. I am very grateful to be part of such a fabulous community.

Thank you!

Dear teachers

We would like to express our gratitude for all of your hard work & efforts to keep 'W' learning effectively this half term. He’s really missing the social interaction but seems to be plodding on with his work in good spirits, so we are really grateful to you for keeping him motivated & enthused in his learning.

The challenges of remote learning are not lost on us, particularly if you have your own families in the background doing the same.

Recieved: Friday, February 12, 2021

BIG thank you

I would like to say a BIG thank you to you all for working so hard for our children and young people. You have managed to make their experience as positive as it can be at this time.

This last year has certainly been a challenging time but I have been amazed by how you have and continue to, adapt to the ever changing demands put upon you all.
You have always been honest and open about the difficulties but you have not let these overwhelm you, you have always looked for, and found solutions...amazing!!!

I appreciate the time and effort you are all putting in to find these solutions and to try to engage the kids in remote learning....never an easy task. I marvel at the teachers managing to maintain their motivation when faced with a sea of blank screens and minimum verbal feed back! It must be so hard, and not what any of you thought you would be doing when you signed up for teaching I’m sure!

Thank you for keeping us so well informed and for your clear summaries of the masses of information you must get on a daily basis. I personally am very pleased I am not having to read through it all and try to understand it without your guidance.

Received: Monday, February 8, 2021

Thanks for the continued updates

I just wanted to say thanks for the continued updates which we receive from IGS as we continue through the pandemic.  We appreciate the hard work of all the staff as they continue to aim to deliver the syllabus in very unusual and often difficult times, whilst also caring for the mental wellbeing of our children.

Its much appreciated.

Received: Monday, February 8, 2021


Really impressed with the level of support and structure during this lock down and parents evening seem to run really well too. So pleased they all have ipads. So please pass on my thanks to the team for keeping our year 9s going. I think motivation is slipping a bit but the constant check ins are good.

Received: 04 February 2021

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