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Positive messages from parents and the community

Potential Future Post-16 Student

I must congratulate you all on a fantastic virtual event last night. A particular highlight was hearing from the head boy & girl. They spoke with such confidence and passion, a credit to your school.

Received: 12/11/2020

A Great Big Thank You

School staff are not getting the credit they deserve during this time.

Your all very much appreciated in the M house.  

A Big Thank-you

I'd just like to say thank you to you and the school team for all that you are doing to keep our children learning at this incredibly difficult time. The whole situation is incredibly challenging and for schools as a whole, it seems virtually unsustainable. You all deserve medals and a huge pay rise. Sadly, I cannot offer either of these things but I can say a big thank you.

Received by: 10/11/20

Organised Out-of-School Education

Call received from a parent in Year 7 who has been at home isolating due to a family member having Covid symptoms. She would just like to say how impressed she has been with how organised the school have been with F’s out of school education. She stated that she was so happy that there was no break in his learning and everything was so well organised on his iPad and emails from his subject teachers etc. She passed on her thanks.

Received: 04/11/20

PE Cross Country

Call received from a member of the public who was walking her dogs on Ilkley Moor this morning and observed our students carrying out PE Cross Country.  She stated that our students were wonderfully polite and considerate and maintained social distancing at all times.  She was delighted that they thanked her and stated she hoped her sons were as considerate when they come to attend at our school. 

Received: 04/11/2020

Year 8 Cross country run

This afternoon during our gentle stroll around the tarn we met Year 8 on their cross country run.  Without exception their behaviour was impeccable.  They wove their way through assorted elderly walkers, dogs and toddlers with good humour and courtesy - giving everyone a suitably wide berth.  Well done Year 8!

Received: 02/11/2020

Thank you

Thank you for all your efforts in keeping our children within the school environment- hope those that are going to take a break are able to so. 

Received: 22/10/20

Happy at school

Having just read Mrs Purnell’s update I wanted to send some positive feedback to the whole IGS team. Despite the unprecedented level of challenge we are all facing you are collectively managing to provide a fabulous education for our children. Both our sons are happy at school and really enjoy being there with their friends, teachers and support staff. We don’t underestimate the amount of planning, head scratching and sheer determination it takes to do that at the moment. Having witnessed some of the online learning for year 7, I was so impressed by the teachers positivity at a time when they must be under a huge amount of pressure themselves.

Thank you.

Received: 22/10/20

Lovely staff

I just wanted to write to you to say I am in awe of all of you.  Your team have done you so so proud Mrs Purnell.

I just wanted to let you know as all people seem to want to do is moan and complain that credit is due and you should pat yourself on the back. 

Thank you all, lovely staff, for just getting on with it and putting your fear to one side to get these kids back.

I’m ready for half term, guessing it just can’t come soon enough for you and your gang ?

Thanking you and your team again.

Received: 22/10/20

Doing a great job

Just a note to say thank you for the recent school update. It’s clear for everyone to see that the teachers and support staff are working really really hard and doing a great job and it’s very much appreciated.

Thanks to all of them from us- hope they all have a restful half term and catch up on some well-deserved R&R!

Received: 21/10/20

Fabulous first half term

Just a quick note to say ‘thank you’ to you and your team for a fabulous first half term. 

Our daughter J has settled in very well.

Team Green have been wonderful, caring, fun, inspiring, supportive...

Extremely difficult times for you all, just wanted you to know your efforts are very much appreciated.

Received: 21/10/20

Fantastic Team

Thank you very much for this note and for everything you and your team have done over the past half term. Both P and N have really enjoyed being back in school. The communication from school has been very good. The online parents evening worked really well. P has received great help with her university choices and UCAS. 

N has been one of the Year 11 students who have had to self isolate for the last two weeks. His teachers have been fantastic, but it has not been a lot of fun for him to be stuck in his room.

Thanks you once again for everything you and your fantastic team have done.

Received: 21/10/20

Year 11 Parents Evening 13/10/20

Well done to all of the teachers who successfully conducted the virtual parents evening yesterday.

Despite a few blips on the connection for some of the calls on the whole it worked very well. The new norm possibly? Much more efficient use of time instead of walking all over the ‘rabbit warren’ areas of the school!!

Received: 20/10/2020

Amazing hard work

We just wanted to say a huge thanks to you and your team for all the amazing hard work that’s been going on to keep the students at school.  These are undoubtedly challenging times and whilst school may not be quite the same I can honestly say that having some semblance of a normal routine has been a real positive for both E and J.

Received: 19/10/2020

Year 11 virtual parents' evening

Thank you for your fast reply I know you are under tremendous pressure and I thank you for supporting my children. IGS has done an amazing job during this terrible time. I was very impressed with the year 11 virtual parents evening. While nothing beats face to face I felt your staff did an outstanding job.

Received: 15/10/2020

Year 11 self-isolating students

Thank you for everything you continue to do.. the guidance given and communication were clear and the process was dealt with super efficiently.  You are all doing an absolutely brilliant job (online learning, resources , etc, etc)

Received: 15/10/2020

The ipad arrangement

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all the teachers who are providing excellent online support for my two children. I was never a fan of the ipad arrangement but I can see now that it’s made the change almost seamless for them and given them so much independence. The  contact with teachers has been very individualised and supportive and I know they are working extra hard to make this happen. Best of luck with the next steps!

Received: 13/10/20

Challenging time

Thank you for everything you are doing in this challenging time, we are so grateful to be part of IGS.

Received: 02/10/20

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