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Positive messages from parents and the community

IGS has done them proud

I'd just like to say thank you to all the teachers who have now (or very soon!) seen our 3 children/young adults successfully through their secondary school education.  I think IGS has done them proud.

I remain impressed with the positive messaging from the school throughout the last year or so in particular and firmly believe this has impacted positively on the students too as they look to their teachers as role models. I have requoted the following paragraph from the recent email because I fully agreed with it

As I have said to our oldest students in their final remote assembly, they must challenge the negative narrative about a Covid-Generation.  They are remarkable young people who will emerge with strong technical skills, enhanced levels of resilience and independence, as well as a deep appreciation of the importance of face-to-face human connection and positive, supportive friendships. I am very proud of them and hope that, whatever their next destination, they fulfil their full potential and make a positive difference through the lives they lead.

Thank you

Received: 8 June 2021

Thank you for all you have done

I just thought I'd take the time, after a long few weeks, to write and thank you and your team for all you have done for [our] three children to date. 

They have all presented their own challenges and, in some instances, they have not always made the life of your hard working staff easy.

And, of course, the last two years have put quite extraordinary and unreasonable pressures on all of you.

Today, [my partner] and I have been receiving photo after photo of a very, very happy pair of [children] - they look totally at home in your school and with your staff, and there was never any doubt that they would stay with you, if invited.

If those photos are not confirmation that much of what you do at IGS is hugely positive for these kids, I don't know what is.

So thank you. It matters that you are all thanked for what you do.

Received: 28 May 2021

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