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iPads for Learning

Ilkley Grammar School uses Ed Tech skilfully to enhance teaching and learning

Our eLearning scheme has two main aims. The first is to ensure that all of our students achieve their Personal Best by providing the opportunities to regulate and organise their own learning, access knowledge at the touch of a button, collaborate with peers and to provide a creative platform to further engage and motivate learners. The second aim is to prepare all students for life and work in the 21st Century, ensuring they are digitally literate,  media consumers and technology users who can receive and produce media accurately, safely and creatively.

The iPad is not a replacement for traditional, effective and evidence-informed teaching and learning strategies but rather a way to enable teachers to respond to learners’ needs in real time, scaffold effectively and provide efficient and personalised assessment and feedback. Technology has now reached a level of development with regards to the functionality, reliability and affordability which can means all students can benefit from technology in the classroom and at home.

iPad Provision

We are an iPad school where all students need to use an iPad or similar mobile device to access our full curriculum. Please choose one of the two options below:

iPad Scheme:

We run a school scheme for students in Year 7 to Year 9.

All details are available on the portal provided by our partners at Eden Repair Centre . We offer for 2024 an iPad 9, sturdy case, screen protector and a full three years’ breakage insurance. This can be paid for outright or spread over 12, 18, or 24 months. In addition, there are add-on warranty and theft cover choices which are optional to purchase through Eden. 

The iPad is securely managed by the school which means there is no App store as all school Apps are available through a ‘self-service’ app and downloadable as students need them as App usage varies from year group to year group. Internet usage is monitored for safeguarding. Our Trust eSafety Policy can be downloaded here.

Please click on this link to access the Eden portal which contains all the information about the options for iPad purchase through the scheme, opt-out of the scheme (own device), or daily loan. By accessing the portal for the details, this gives us the information we need and does not commit you to a purchase through Eden unless you choose that option. Login details for the Parent Portal will have been sent to you by Friday 22nd March (the day after the Year 6 Transition Launch Evening) when the portal will open. It will close Friday 26th April, which is the end date for a guaranteed September delivery..

When you have logged into the correct scheme on the Parent Portal you will need to create an account using a personal email. You will then be sent a confirmation email that will contain your account details. Please check your spam folder if you don't appear to have received it.

We aim to guarantee that iPads purchased through the Eden scheme will be distributed to students in the first week of the new term in September, however it may be subject to change depending on supply chain issues and external factors. We will, of course, keep you informed if we anticipate any delays in the delivery of the iPads.

For more information or queries regarding the iPad Scheme please email:

Bring Your Own Device:

If you wish your child to bring a personal device/iPad to school, we will install a certificate on this device that allows it to access the school’s internet. This certificate will also monitor internet usage. The student will be provided with login details for their email account and a list of Apps they will need to install on their first day in school.

Please be aware that if you have an android device most apps will be available on the Play store or available via a website except Apple specific apps like iMovie or GarageBand.

A list of apps can be found here.  

Please click on this on this link: I would like to use my own device to notify us of your choice.

For more information or queries regarding the Bring Your Own Device option please email:

If you have any financial concerns regarding joining the scheme or need further advice or help please email:

Please ensure you have notified us of your choice by using one of the two links above. This will ensure your child has a smooth transition when they start school in September otherwise there may be a delay in the provision or full functioning of a device.


If your child joins us mid year between Years 7 to 9 then the scheme is still available to join and associated Terms and Conditions apply.

Please contact Eden Repair Centre for details.

Click here for the IPAD INSURANCE CLAIMS

Click here for the IPAD FAQS & SUPPORT

Click here for the IPAD APP WEBLINKS

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