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iPads for Learning

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Ilkley Grammar School uses Ed Tech skilfully to enhance teaching and learning

Our eLearning scheme has two main aims. The first is to ensure that all of our students achieve their Personal Best by providing the opportunities to regulate and organise their own learning, access knowledge at the touch of a button, collaborate with peers and to provide a creative platform to further engage and motivate learners. The second aim is to prepare all students for life and work in the 21st Century, ensuring they are digitally literate,  media consumers and technology users who can receive and produce media accurately, safely and creatively.

The iPad scheme is not a replacement for traditional, effective and evidence-informed teaching and learning strategies but rather a way to enable teachers to respond to learners’ needs in real time, scaffold effectively and provide efficient and personalised assessment and feedback. Technology has now reached a level of development with regards to the functionality, reliability and affordability which can means all students can benefit from technology in the classroom and at home.

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