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Challenge and Celebration Week

Monday 18th to Friday 22nd July 2022

School trips and outdoor enrichment opportunities are an important and memorable part of your education.

They enhance learning, improve staff/student relations in the classroom and help you to become more independent, grow in self-confidence and develop teamwork and leadership skills.

Our aims for Challenge and Celebration Week are to:

  • Provide students with a variety of enjoyable and purposeful enrichment experiences throughout school life.
  • Give students and tutors a chance to really get to know each other in a non-classroom setting.
  • Give students a feeling of belonging and pride in their year group.
  • Increase opportunities for students to show leadership qualities, no matter what age.
  • Allow students to enjoy the great outdoors and some fine summer weather at the end of a hard school year!

A typical programme at a glance:

Year 7 Carousel of local activities and day trips
Year 8: Option 1 Four day residential to London
Year 8: Option 2 KS3 carousel of local activities and day trips
Year 9: Option 1 Four day residential to The Lake District
Year 9: Option 2 KS3 carousel of local activities and day trips
Year 10 Work Experience Week
Year 12: Option 1 Leadership opportunities on KS3 trips
Year 12: Option 2 Work Experience

Sample letters:

The programme of activities planned for all year groups will give students a varied and enjoyable end-of-year experience throughout their school career. Obviously, a programme such as this is never cheap, but we hope that the mix of activities in terms of cost, and a long term vision of what students will experience throughout their time at IGS, will encourage you to meet the financial impact of such a programme.

Students who are in receipt of the Pupil Premium may receive financial support to meet some or all of the cost of the programmes - full details can be found in each booklet. Please contact if you require any further information.