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Superb GCSE results of Ilkley Grammar School students is celebrated in annual prize evening at The King’s Hall

‘Silver tie’ students, class of 2017, marked their superb GCSE results in emotional ‘Prize Presentation’ event.

Ilkley Grammar School held its annual celebration event at The King’s Hall, Ilkley on Wednesday 17th November, only this year, it was extra special as students and guests enjoyed a reception in the Winter Gardens, having been unable to attend their prom last year due to COVID.

The event was attended by over 500 guests, including students, parents, carers and school staff.

All students received their GCSE certificates and awards were presented by Carly Purnell, proud Headteacher, Cath Walsh, dedicated Head of Year, Rob Wilson, Vice Chair of Governors, and Stuart Hyde QPM, Guest of Honour.

Students received many prestigious awards during the evening, ranging from awards that recognise outstanding achievement and those that recognise sporting excellence and citizenship. Ilkley Grammar School are fortunate to have many students with excellent achievement and many more students deserved praise beyond those who were awarded prizes.

Students were awarded prizes for exceptional attainment and outstanding progress, recognising those who received the highest GCSE grades across the curriculum and those who received the highest progress scores from key stage 2 to key stage 4. Students were also awarded prizes for outstanding attainment and progress within subjects, as they celebrated the achievements of students across 31 different areas of the curriculum.

The evening also celebrated students who excelled in other areas such as commitment to sport, community and resilience, in a range of ‘Special Awards’.

Joseph Leach was first to collect his special award for attendance as Mrs Purnell spoke of the well-documented link between attendance and achievement, praising Joseph’s excellent attendance record and consistent effort.

Among the two winners of the Personal Best award were Esme Gutch and Erica East. This award is particularly special as it takes the namesake for the ethos and values underpinning the school. Esme was praised particularly for her efforts in her work with and development of younger students in the school, as well as her work on the Anti-Bullying campaign. Erica was praised for her kindness and ability to support others and give them a voice.

The Young Musician of the Year award went to Leo Lord-Cloke who was described by Mrs Purnell as an “exceptionally talented musician,” who has excelled in her alto saxophone and signing examinations, as well as her support in the school’s extra-curricular music programme.

Daniel Taylor and Isobel Wearing were awarded the Commitment to School and Community award. Daniel’s contributions to Personal Best Time within school and his active role in the ATC were mentioned as key accolades. Isobel’s active contributions to the school and community were also referenced, particularly Isobel’s volunteering in Rainbows, dances and Guides.

The Personal Development award was awarded to Loren Maude who was mentioned as a student who has shown resilience and determination to succeed, culminating in a fantastic set of results. Isabel Macina took two awards away with her: The Pinsharp Cup for Sporting Excellence and a Community Sports award, having contributed to a whole range of sports from year 7 to present day, in addition to her many sporting accolades and commitments outside of school with Ilkley Town Football, to name just one. Three other students were also awarded a Community Sports award: Wilbur Summerson, Holly Parker and Matilda Berry, praised particularly for their strong leadership, role-modelling and contributions to student voice and Sports Council at IGS.

Two students were awarded the Resilience award: Lottie Curry and Megan Backhouse, as Mrs Purnell spoke very highly of the ability to overcome hurdles through determination. Daisy Prowse was awarded the Year 11 Community Service award, praised for her active membership in the school community and local community through her volunteering.

Ellie Boon was awarded the Ilkley Parish Council Citizenship award for her ‘can do’ attitude and vociferous support of others through her excellent citizenship. And finally, Emily Batchelor was awarded The Ilkley Playhouse award for her contributions to Ilkley Playhouse Greenroom acting classes from a young age and number of stand-out performances, such as Alice in Alice in Wonderland.

Following the Special Awards, Stuart Hyde delivered the ‘Guest of Honour’ address and talked about his career and making a positive difference, listing examples of how he has made a positive difference in both his long-standing and varied service career in the police and the voluntary and community sector.

Guests were also treated to highly accomplished musical performances by students of their own year group, including a flawless Esme Gutch on piano, the talented Leo Lord-Cloke on alto saxophone and a beautiful jazz piece played again by Leo Lord-Cloke on saxophone and George Barker on piano.

Headteacher Carly Purnell said: “Whilst this evening is always a highlight in the IGS Calendar, this year’s event was particularly special given the extraordinary experiences and unprecedented challenges of the last 20 months. It was a privilege to be able to come together with our students and their families to celebrate outstanding attainment, progress, and talent, alongside those who have modelled our tie values and attributes such as resilience, independence, and courage.

As a year group, our students achieved a fantastic set of GCSE results and a wide variety of individual accomplishments and achievements of which they should rightly be very proud. Unlike previous year groups they have also coped with tremendous uncertainty, national lockdowns, extended school closures in both years 10 and year 11 and huge levels of disruption to their education and they deserve recognition and credit for how they responded and the exceptional results which they achieved, all of which were based on a wide range of evidence. Coronavirus has undoubtedly impacted on young people over the last two academic years, but it must not be allowed to define or indeed label their generation – they are a remarkable group of people who have the skills and qualities, as well as the qualifications, to make a positive difference through the lives they lead. I thank all of our “silver ties” for everything they have contributed and given to the school over the last 5 years and congratulate them all for their achievements.”


English Language


Noah Bridges

George Yoshino-Bunting

Elise Abbott

Luca Rudloff

Ruby Paterson

Hermione Bayntun

English Literature


Jessica Bragg

Freya Nichols

Esme Gutch

George Smith

Thomas Abel

Lucy Goodall



Jonathan Wood

Alice Leggetter

Jamie Shelton

Oliver Hayes

Alfie Purnell

Emily Thorpe

Further Maths Level 2 Certificate

Harry Shaw

Taher Khedapa


Ella Meekley

Sophie Grech-Cini

Rossukhon Anderson

Hawa Kazi


Lara Woffindin

Ellie Wilson

Blake Jeffcott

Aminah Aziz


Will Spivey

Daniel Taylor

Aidan Lee-Wardell

Harrison Oddie


Erin Johnson

Eddie Eccles


Joseph Leach

Anna Piraccini


Eleanor Riley

Harriet Kelly

Eddie Allister

Pippa Clerici


William Duffield

Abbie Pearse

Philosophy & Ethics

Bella Rayland

Tilly Harrison-Moore


Harry Dhanak

Jordan Lloyd

Freddie Gill

Sam Bentley

Computer Science

Jonathan Wood

Callum Edwards


Harvey Devenish-Meares

William Hopton

Health and Social Care

Lily Boswell

Leah Taylor


Holly Parker

Katie Newton


Eve Dyson

Libby Gray


Madeleina Clark

Eva Bechelet


Leo Lord-Cloke

Ellie Boon


Emily Stidworthy

Erica East

Food and Nutrition

James Boyle

Samuel Hanson


Amy Harrison

Evelin Rusu

Design Technology: Electronics

Benjamin Shelley

Harris Duckworth

Design Technology: Engineering

Caitlin Fitzgerald

Kieren Binney

Design Technology: Resistant Materials

Poppy Lofthouse

Freddie Watson

Design Technology: Textiles

Aphra Hicks

Lily Hunter


George Barker

George Grant

Travel & Tourism

Alice McMullen

Anna Newman

Combined Science: Trilogy

Daisy Prowse

Ben Redman

Performing Arts

Matthew Llewellyn-Felstead

Phoebe Rishworth


The following Exceptional Attainment students achieved the highest GCSE grades across the curriculum.  Our Outstanding Progress awards recognise the students with the highest progress scores based on the value added from Key Stage 2 to GCSE.

We are fortunate at Ilkley Grammar School to have many students with excellent achievement and many more students deserve our praise and admiration beyond those who have been awarded prizes.

Exceptional Attainment

Outstanding Progress

Thomas Abel Elise Abbott
Eddie Allister Aminah Aziz
Rossukhon Anderson Tris  Baldwin
Jessica Bragg Max Brodaty
Harry Dhanak Imogen Burdon
William Duffield Nayan Cant
Eve Dyson Madeleina Clark
Callum Edwards Abigail Collin
Anna Fazackerley Eddie Eccles
Esme Gutch Maddie Eccles
Jasper Herring George Grant
Aphra Hicks Libby Gray
Blake Jeffcott Sophie Grech-Cini
Albie Jipps Max Halifax
Erin Johnson Oliver Hayes
Taher Khedapa Oliver Holmes
George Knowles Lily Hunter
Joseph Leach William Ives
Aidan Lee-Wardell Hawa Kazi
Lucia Locke Alice Leggetter
Leo Lord-Cloke Matthew Llewellyn-Felstead
Ella Meekley Freya Nichols
Hayley Mitchell Harrison Oddie
Ruby Paterson Abbie Pearse
Daisy Prowse Ben Redman
Alfie Purnell Eleanor Riley
Lauren Schofield Luca Rudloff
Harry Shaw William Spencer
Will Spivey Daniel Taylor
Emily Stidworthy Emily Thorpe
Stan Wenham Ellie Wilson
Lara Woffindin George Yoshino-Bunting
Jonathan Wood

Special Awards

Special Awards

The Outstanding Attendance Award

Joseph Leach

The Personal Best Award

Esme Gutch,

Erica East

The Young Musician of the Year Award

Leo Lord-Cloke

The Commitment to School and Community Award

Daniel Taylor,

Isobel Wearing

The Personal Development Award

Loren Maude

The Pinsharp Cup for Sporting Achievement

Isabel Macina

The Resilience Award

Lottie Curry,

Megan Backhouse

The Community Sports Award

Holly Parker

Wilbur Summerson

Isabel Macina

Matilda Berry

The Year 11 Community Service Award

Towergate Insurance Caring Professionals 

Daisy Prowse

The Ilkley Parish Council Citizenship Award

Presented by llkley Town Mayor, Cllr Mark Stidworthy


Ellie Boon


The Ilkley Playhouse Award

Presented by Samantha Hill, President, Ilkley Playhouse   



Emily Batchelor

Please click here to download a copy of the booklet from the evening which confirms all prize winners.

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