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Year 7: Red Enterprise Challenge

We recently welcomed the Engineering Development Trust (EDT) into school to work with Year 7 students.

Students were put into teams within teaching bands I,G and S and given the RED ENTERPRISE CHALLENGE: You are a team of Roller Coaster Engineers. Your project is to design, build and test a new roller coaster ride, using only the materials provided on your table, your design can only be supported on the frame you’ve been given. The carriage is a marble and must continue moving along the roller coaster – the longest time recorded for the marble will be the winning team.

The aim was to have fun whilst raising the awareness and importance of STEAM subjects and how these subjects link into potential future career pathways options.


Friction, Gravity, Potential Energy, Kinetic Energy


The technology used to design roller coasters


Engineers design, build and test roller coasters


Creative minds with ideas and designs


Engineers need to calculate height/ length, costs of materials, if the drop provides enough speed....and more!

The students certainly rose to the challenge, creating some fantastic and imaginative roller coasters. Rebecca Sanderson from EDT stated, ‘some students had used the resources provided in ways no other students had done over the past year’ – we may have future award winning engineers here at IGS!

The transferable skills all employers look for, whatever the career sector, were demonstrated by the vast majority of students. They showed excellent team working skills, great listening skills and fantastic problem solving ideas to create their roller coasters. Students were enthusiastic and motivated to take part in this learning outside of the classroom which links in to their school tie values.

Year 7 were great ambassadors for IGS with the EDT Enterprise Challenge and should be proud of what they achieved on the day. All students taking part will be awarded the Industrial Cadets award by EDT.

Mrs Robun, Head of Year 7: Our Team Red Ties had a real rollercoaster ride of a day and have really enjoyed this challenge. Well done to everyone!

Find out about different engineering careers and job profiles here:

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