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Post 16

Welcome to Post 16 at Ilkley Grammar School

Post-16 is the culmination of the whole school experience and we pride ourselves on the personalised support that we offer our students during this exciting and challenging stage of their life.

Students and staff at Ilkley Grammar School have a proven track record of working hard and working together to achieve great success. Our ALPS rating for student progress over the past 3 years places us in the top 20% of providers nationally and the grades which our students achieve are consistently significantly higher than national figures.

In 2017 the quality of our Post-16 provision was officially graded by Ofsted as ‘Outstanding’.

This creates real opportunities for our students, many of whom have progressed to varied and exciting destinations including Oxbridge and Russell Group universities to study competitive courses such as medicine, law, dentistry, engineering and veterinary science, as well as securing higher level apprenticeships at some of the world’s most reputable companies or moving directly into employment.

We offer outstanding teaching, specialist pastoral care and a wide range of academic and vocational courses to meet the needs of our students. This is also complemented by extensive enrichment opportunities including sports leadership qualifications, first aid skills, work experience, leadership of younger students, the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) and wider life skills. Such provision helps students develop into well-balanced young adults who are not only academically successful, but have the skills and confidence to make a positive difference to their own lives and the lives of others.

We are very proud to be leading the Post-16 provision at Ilkley Grammar School and are looking forward to working with each new cohort of students to see what can be achieved on both an individual level and also collectively, as a strong, purposeful and cohesive community.

 Mr J.A. Gutch – Assistant Headteacher, Director of Post-16

Mr J.D. Sykes – Associate Assistant Headteacher, Post-16 (Year 13 Lead)

Mrs J.L. Pickard – Learning Leader, Post-16 (Year 12 Lead)


Jamie Gutch (JAG) Assistant Headteacher: Director of Post-16

Joshua Sykes (JDS)  Associate Assistant Headteacher: Post-16 (Y13 lead)

Danielle Maguire (DM)  Learning Leader: Post-16 (maternity leave 2019-20)

Janine Pickard (JLP)   Learning Leader: Post-16 (Y12)

Harriet Sanham (HS)  Year 13 Student Manager

Christine Merrall (CM)  Year 12 Student Manager   


The Post-16 Student Leadership Team

A welcome from the Head Boy and Head Girl (2019-20)

‘Post-16 at Ilkley has a real community spirit. Despite the size, it feels like a close-knit environment, and one in which anyone, regardless of where they did GCSEs, can fit in. Teachers will always do their best to keep the door open and make time for their students, no matter what their problem might be. Providing great pastoral care is a high priority, and you always feel there is someone to talk to about anything troubling you. There are also fantastic enrichment opportunities in both years 12 and 13, which provide skills for life and impressive reading on any personal statement or CV. The combination of teaching, care and individual opportunities, make our Post-16 a place where students can grow into well-rounded adults, ready for the challenges they will face.’

HEAD GIRL: Cara Burdon

HEAD BOY: Danny Leach  

The Head Boy and Head Girl are supported by a team of ten Student Leaders