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Work Experience

Ilkley Grammar School is committed to offering all Year 10 students an opportunity to take part in a one week work experience placement.

Such an experience offers many benefits and helps to promote the Year 10 Tie Values which include:

  • Building resilience
  • Linking with our community
  • Developing leadership

All Year 10 students will be given guidance on the procedures and preparation for work experience during Citizenship lessons including producing a letter of application for a job, C.V. and a mock interview in June.

If you, as an employer, are willing to offer a placement to any of our students at your place of work, please contact Mrs Jo Mitchell from the Work Experience Team, who will be able to contact you if a student is interested in your field. We would be extremely grateful if you could support us in this way and are always looking to build up further links with our local and wider community. 01943 608424 ext 238