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The Parent Teacher Association (‘PTA’) of Ilkley Grammar School has planned Ilkley’s first ever Colour Rush for 26th June this year as a major fundraising event.

Participants in the inaugural Ilkley Colour Rush will be able to run, jog, walk, hop, skip or jump around a lapped course whilst being covered in colourful paint (corn starch powder)! By the time they finish the course, they will look like a rainbow! It’s shaping up to be a fantastic family event and tickets will be available in March.

This year, the PTA is looking to spend the money raised on the further enhancement of the mental health and wellbeing support provided to students who have faced so many challenges during the pandemic. There is also the ambition to purchase equipment to support the work of the creative arts department at school (art, music, photography and drama) - an area which struggles to attract funding nationally, but which IGS is committed to supporting and developing further over the coming years through ever-more ambitious and exciting creative projects.

This is a local community event run by the PTA at IGS and is not being formally organised by school but if you would like to volunteer or sponsor please contact

Walk or drive to the event, limited parking is allocated per race and is only available by purchasing a parking ticket via the online ticket link here.

Join in the paint party with our fun Zumba warm up and boogie on down before you set off!

Bring your cash to colour up your white t-shirt before you race and purchase extra paint sachets along with fun merch and refreshments. The more colour the better!


Ilkley Grammar School Playing Fields, Coutances Way, LS29 8AW

Sunday 26th June 2022


We have devised a fun, lapped route with twists and turns a-plenty to challenge even the most seasoned runner! Duck and dive whilst being showered in non-toxic colour powder paint, we will ensure that you will end up with all the colours of the rainbow on you.

The Colour Rush is a non-competitive lapped fun run, this event is all about the time you have not the time you get. Although this is a ‘running’ event you don’t have to run or finish all the laps if you don’t feel like it. But bear in mind the next race might catch you up!


£12.50 per participant

which includes free Ilkley Colour Rush t-shirt and draw string bag for your belongings.


Race Time
Juniors (under 7 only) 10:30
1st Race (all age)


2nd Race (all age) 12:30
3rd Race (all age) 13:30
4th Race (all age) 14:30

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