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We are looking for volunteers to help us make our first Ilkley Colour Rush a fun and safe event for all. We will need help before and after the event and are incredibly grateful for any time you can spare for this event.

A virtual training briefing will be provided according to the Volunteer Role you have selected/we have selected for you. This will be approximately a week before the event, more details to follow.

INTERESTED?.....get in touch! Please let us know what you would like to assist us with!


Roles that are available:

  • Site Set Up & Clear Up: Some help will be needed on 25/6/22 with Marquee building, route marking etc. and on 26/06/22 for final preparations in the morning and clearing up a the end of the day.
  • Access Control & Parking: Pedestrian and Parking Marshalls
  • Registration Tent: Registering participants, distributing T-shirts/Draw-string bags/paint sachets.
  • Merchandise seller: Selling paint sachets and merchandise.
  • Race Marshalls: Ensuring safety of runners within the route
  • Paint Team: Paint throwers, paint supply team (over 18’s only)
  • Event Village: Start/ Finish Zone – refuse management, site safety, participant and public assistance.





Site Set Up

·         Assist Marquee Building

·         Route layout

·         Stake out Pedestrian Route + Tape

·         Signage around site

School Playing Fields

LS29 8AW

Sat 25/6/22

Site Set Up

·         Roadway Signage/cone placement

·         Zumba area – PA system/Speakers

·         Registration Tent set up

·         Merchandise set up

School Playing Fields

LS29 8AW

Sun 26/6/22

Access Control & Parking

Marshalling cars:

·         Car Entry route BR Hockey Club.

·          Car Exit: IGS playing fields exit.

·         Drop-off zone located far end of BR Hockey club parking area

·         Check eParking Pass on phone

·         30 spaces per race.

·         Guide vehicles to the Disabled parking area.

Pedestrian Safety

·         A65/Wheatley Road junction – pedestrian safety

·         Assist Pedestrians to safely enter and exit the site

School Playing Fields

LS29 8AW

Sun 26/6/22

Registration Tent

Signing runners in to race.

·         Issue t-shirt according to size – pre-paid/check e-ticket.

·         Issue drawstring bag

·         Give information on race start/toilets/first aid

School Playing Fields

LS29 8AW

Sun 26/6/22

Registration Tent/ Merchandise/Lost Children

·         Selling merchandise

·         Managing Lost Children – walkie talkie

School Playing Fields

LS29 8AW

Sun 26/6/22

Race Marshalls

Ensure runners safety on route.

·         Maintain integrity of running route.

·         Repair route.

·         Encourage runners.

·         Assist with water for runners

·         Assist injured runners to first aid.

·         Direct runners around route.

·         Direct runners to event village at the end of run.


School Playing Fields

LS29 8AW

Sun 26/6/22

Paint Team

(>18’s over)

·         Distribute powder paint over runners – avoiding eyes/faces/heads.

·         Manage paint supply for each race


School Playing Fields

LS29 8AW

Sun 26/6/22

Event Village Start/ Finish Zone

·         Ensure public and volunteer safety

·         Refuse collection

·         Toilet checking and keep toilets stocked

School Playing Fields

LS29 8AW

Sun 26/6/22

Clear UP

·         Assist removal of marquee.

·         Remove and secure signage

·         Remove cordons

School Playing Fields

LS29 8AW

Sun 26/6/22

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