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Our Covid 19 safety measures will be subject to the latest government and the Department for Education recommendations for sports fields/outdoor activities on the day itself, we will update the LATEST NEWS section with the most up to date information as close to the event day.

We strongly advise that you take a lateral flow test on the day to check if you have Covid-19. You can order LFTs from

If you have ANY symptoms of Covid-19, please do not travel to or attend to the event.

It is essential that we all take responsibility for the safety of ourselves and other entrants by following the guidance.


Location of Event

The event will be held at the Ilkley Grammar School Playing Fields, Postcode: LS29 8AW. Please follow The Ilkley Colour Rush event signs and event marshall’s directions for access onto the site.

We will be operating a one-way system from the A65 and we request you enter the event at the Hockey Club entrance, this will be clearly signposted on the day.

Pedestrian Safety

There are event marshalls at the traffic lights at the Wheatley Lane/A65/Denton Road junction. The pedestrian entrance is at the Ben Rhydding Hockey Club, please follow the taped pedestrian cordon onto the event field and make your way to the Registration Tent.

Dropping off

We have a limited DROP OFF zone on the site located on-site, enter the event at the Hockey Club entrance, and follow the signs and car parking marshalls signals for the drop-off zone this will be clearly signposted on the event day. Please do not drop runners off anywhere on the main A65 roadway. If you wish to park at the event, please purchase a parking ticket when you buy your event ticket.

It may look like there is car parking available on the field when you are dropping off, these spaces are the pre-booked spaces for the races throughout the afternoon, please do not attempt to park in these spaces.


We strongly encourage you to walk to the event, mainly so you can walk home looking amazing in all your colours!!!

There are 30 car parking spaces allocated per race and these must be pre-booked via the online ticket system. Once the carpark slots have been booked up there will be no more parking available for that race and we request you walk to the event.

ACCESS INTO THE VENUE via car will only be permitted by showing the pre-purchased parking ticket (on your phone or print off the ticket at home) to the car parking marshalls - this will be emailed to you after you have purchased a car parking ticket through the online ticketing system.


It may look like there is car parking available on the field when you are dropping off, these spaces are the pre-booked spaces for the races throughout the afternoon, please do not attempt to park in these spaces.

We will be operating a one-way system to ensure no disruption to traffic on the A65 and quick transit through the site, PARKING/DROP OFF and PEDESTRIAN access will be clearly signposted on the event day.

Disabled Access/Parking

There is disabled car parking available per race. Disabled participants/spectators will need to purchase a pre-booked car parking ticket through the ticketing system and you will need to show your pre-purchased disabled access parking ticket to the car parking marshall or print off the ticket at home to display on your dashboard.


Absolutely! Spectators are very welcome. We encourage families and supporters to come along and watch the fun. We cannot however guarantee that spectators will stay clean, therefore we do advise that they keep off the race track and a good distance from the Colour Rush paint stations located on the race route as we cannot accept responsibility for them accidentally being showered in powder paint.

Registering and collecting your FREE T-shirt and your FREE Drawstring Bag

Arrive 30 minutes before your race so we can sign you in. Please follow the signs on the event field and make your way to the Registration tent to collect your t-shirt and drawstring bag and Register for your race. You will need to show your e-ticket/registration email at the Registration tent. If you are under 11 years of age your parent/guardian will need to attend the Registration tent to sign you in. If you have purchased extra paint sachets and merchandise you can collect these here. Make your way to the Zumba warm-up zone and cover each other with your sachets at the pre-race paint party or save them for the end of your race. More sachets are available to purchase on the day (cash required).


Please bring cash with you on the day to purchase more paint sachets and other Ilkley Colour Rush merchandise. Our food and drink and ice cream stalls will only accept cash. Pure Pilates have kindly funded a drawstring bag for every ticket holder so you can keep your belongings and money safe in your free drawstring bag.

Toilets and Handwashing Facilities

There will be on-site toilet facilities and hand-washing facilities available during the event. The toilets will be in The Ilkley Colour Rush Event Village and will be clearly sign-posted.

Baby changing

There are no baby changing facilities at this event.

Disabled toilet

There are accessible disabled toilets in The Ilkley Colour Rush Event Village.

First Aid

The First Aid area will be in the School Pavilion this will be sign-posted on the day. If you have any concerns about your health at the race, or injure yourself during the race, please talk to one of the race marshalls and they will guide you to the First Aid area.

Lost Children

The Registration Tent in The Ilkley Colour Rush event village will look after lost children, please ensure you are familiar with this location before setting off on your race. There will be plenty of Race Marshall’s on the route and around the site for children to ask for help.

What should I wear?

We suggest you wear running gear that you don’t mind getting messy or perhaps wear something more unusual like a wedding dress, tutu, or fancy dress! So long as it’s white to show off all the multi-colours in all their splendour at the end. Well-fitting trainers are recommended but please don’t wear your expensive ones as they will also end up with multi-coloured paint on them. The coloured pigment should wash out of most fabrics but please wear clothes that you don’t mind getting stained. The paint is water soluble so you can wash the clothes as normal but avoid washing them with nice clothes. As with anything dirty, the sooner you wash it the better.

If you are coming by car or intend to use public transport, make sure you have a change of clothes or something to protect seats and interiors of vehicles from paint contamination. IGS PTA cannot be held responsible for any paint getting on or in participants vehicles, public transport, or private property


All participants are advised to wear glasses or goggles as extra eye protection.  We do not recommend that you wear contact lenses.

The powder paint is non-toxic; it is 100% safe and natural. Please do try to avoid getting it into your eyes, our trained colour rush paint team will make sure to aim low as you pass by. We will have a small supply of sunglasses to purchase on the day (cash required).


If you have blond hair, you can apply conditioner or olive oil to your hair before the event. Coconut oil or olive oil work best but a good leave-in conditioner will usually do the trick as well. Every head of hair is different and will react differently to the colour, especially highlighted or coloured hair. The pink and blue specifically have been known to stain blonde hair for a few days. You can also cover your hair with a bandana or beanie or space helmet during the event if you wish. But sometimes it takes 1 or 2 days to completely remove the last stains of powder paint.

How to clean your hair after the Colour Rush: Dust any loose powder out of your hair and brush through your hair vigorously. Rinse out the oil/conditioner you applied to your hair before the race with COLD water. Now wash your hair as you normally would. It is not uncommon for hints of some of the colour, pink and purple particularly, to stick around for a few washes. Wear it like a badge of honour. Or wear a hat.


We strongly recommend you bring limited personal belongings with you or leave them with friends/family who are coming to watch.

We also strongly recommend that you leave any valuable items at home. The PTA at Ilkley Grammar School will accept no liability for any items that are lost or damaged or left unattended at the event.

Phones/Action Cameras

If you want to get shots right during the action, we recommend covering cameras/phones with plastic wrap or bringing a disposable camera. You can carry your mobile phone during the run in an armband or in a bum bag. You can also put your phone in a clear zipped bag. Please be aware that if your phone is not in a protective bag may get the powder paint on it during the race.

You can take your action camera (like GoPro) with you, but please note that selfie sticks are not allowed for safety reasons! If you would like to use a chest harness for your action camera, please make sure that the harness is safe, and the clips will not open during the race.

Please also be aware that IGS PTA cannot be responsible for any lost or damaged phones or equipment during the event. Please ensure you take responsibility for your belongings. 

Dogs and animals

We do not permit dogs or other animals on the field during this event or at any other time as these are the school playing fields and are required for the sporting curriculum. Please do not bring pets to the event or you will be asked to leave the venue.

How do I clean up afterwards?

We do not have any changing rooms or facilities on site on this event. In fine weather it is quite easy to shake the colour off your clothes. In damp weather we recommend you bring a change of clothes or some towels or a large plastic bag with you to prevent colour transferring into your car or onto public transport.

After you have finished the event just blow all the excess colour off dry before entering the shower. After your first shower some of the colour still might show a little but don’t worry: after couple of washes, you should be as clean as brand new! It’s best to wash all your clothes first separately in cold water.

If we have not answered your questions, please ask us at

We hope you have a fabulous time at Ilkley’s first Colour Rush!!!

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