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Years 7-11 Students


Bridging the gap between learning and playing

Private music lessons provided during the school day.


Please complete the application form via the link HERE for instrumental and singing lesson requests 2024-25. All requests must be received by Friday 5th July 2024 to ensure your child is timetabled for September.

The form will be re-opened again in September for students to commence lessons after October half-term.


  1. On receipt of the completed Microsoft Form, your child will be timetabled for peripatetic lessons in September.
  2. Mrs Chapman will email parents/carers at the end of the summer holidays with start dates and key information. 
  3. It is the student's responsibility to ensure they understand when and where their lesson is taking place.
  4. Students are expected to attend all lessons.
  5. We ask peripatetic teachers to deliver at least 30 lessons across the school year. This takes into account unavoidable whole-school absences such as trips/bank holidays and training days. 
  6. We cannot refund for lessons missed due to student absence but, in the case of teacher absence, lessons will be rescheduled or refunded where rescheduling is not practical. 
  7. If you wish to terminate lessons you must email Mrs Chapman giving a minimum of half-a-terms notice as we book our peripatetic tutors in advance and guarantee their working hours.
  8. Lessons will be charged in advance in 3 termly payments via ParentPay and must be paid by the requested payment date to ensure continuity.


How much do the lessons cost?

Individual lessons are £180 per term and paired lessons (2 people) are £90 per term. There are 3 terms in the academic year and all payments must be received in advance of each term.

How long is each individual lesson?

All standard lessons are 20 minutes. If your child will be preparing for Grade 5-8 examinations there is also an option of a 30 minute individual lesson at £270 per term.

Is the musical instrument provided?

Students are required to bring their own instruments (brass, guitar, woodwind, violin) and sticks (drums). Students taking piano lessons will play on an instrument in school.

Are there any hire options through the school?

Unfortunately, we don't have any hire instruments available but can recommend Windstruments, Bingley.

Can my child learn more than one instrument / have more than one lesson per week?

Yes, but we would recommend having no more than two lessons per week as this will have a greater impact on timetabled lessons.

Are the lessons in school time or after school?

Noteability sessions are held during the school day. Your child will have to leave their timetabled lesson to attend.

Would my child be able to have group lessons?

Yes, all children can choose either paired (2 students) or individual lessons.

Is it possible for my child to start later in the school year?

Any children wishing to start during the year will be placed on a waiting list. The Music tutors are booked in July for the year ahead so we are unable to guarantee that a space may become available throughout the year.

Who will my child’s tutor be?

John Wells

Guitar, Bass guitar, Ukulele

Michelle Wells

Clarinet & Saxophone

Morgan Griffiths


Mark Lewalski / Graham Sykes


Joanna Lewis


Hilary Thomas / Katie Turner


Clare Richards


Ms Topalian


Could we trial this for one term to see how my child gets on?

We are happy to pencil your child in for one term but we would need half-a-term's notice to stop lessons (e.g. email at October half-term to stop at Christmas).

My child would like to have piano lessons but we only have a keyboard at home. Is it still possible?

You have the option of either Piano or Keyboard lessons at IGS which are both taught by the same tutor. Your child is welcome to take piano lessons at school but may struggle if they do not have a piano to practise on at home.

The school has previously acquired a piano for free from the website (please see more info below). If you would like to get a piano I would thoroughly recommend taking a look to see if there are any up for grabs in your area.

Is it possible for my child to start with keyboard but later switch to piano lessons?

Students can use a keyboard in the initial stages when planning to move onto piano. Once a student becomes more experienced/advanced, there is usually a need to source a piano but this should not be a problem at the beginner stage.

If my child wanted to continue music lessons in Post-16, how would I sign them back up?

Please let us know if you would like to start lessons again in September by the end of June, to allow enough time for us to confirm everyone’s new timetables.

Is it possible to gain any financial assistance?

Students studying Music GCSE or A-Level qualify for an automatic 50% discount. Therefore individual lessons are charged at £90 per term and paired lessons are free of charge. Please note that this financial assistance ends after Easter for Y11 and Y13 students. Students may continue with lessons into the final term at full price.

You can request an application form by emailing if you wish to purchase an instrument via the school scheme which will reduce the cost of your instrument by removing the VAT charge.

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