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Key Stage 4 Options

Our Key Stage 4 curriculum is ambitious, aspirational and is designed to provide opportunities for all students to achieve. In order to ensure breadth and balance, all students must follow a core curriculum of English Language, English Literature, Mathematics and Combined Science (covering physics, chemistry and biology) which leads to 5 GCSEs. Students must also continue to study PE as part of promoting an active, healthy lifestyle, as well as CSI (Concepts, Society and Ideology), a programme to ensure spiritual, moral and cultural development.

We believe in helping all of our learners achieve their potential, whatever that might be. For many students this will come in the form of academic achievement at the highest level with 9 high GCSE grades. For others, a more practical experience may result in a mixture of GCSEs and technical qualifications. Neither of these is better than the other. What is important is for the learner to succeed at the highest level appropriate for them as an individual, and for them to achieve in a range of subjects that will support future progression.

The Key Stage 4 options process is therefore an important and exciting phase in a student's education. As a result, students will receive a lot of advice and guidance to help them to make appropriate choices from a range of option subjects; these decisions will not only shape their time at Ilkley Grammar School, but will also affect their future lives.

Download our 2021 Key Stage 4 Options Booklet here

Please click below for the Year 9 Options Evening Webinar 2021

Timings for our 2021 Key Stage 4 options process (Year 9 to 10):

Year 9

Year 9-10 Options Assembly Launch 

Distribution of options booklets electronically

Wednesday 27th January 2021 during PBT 
Year 9 Parents’ evening Thursday 28th January 2021
February half term 13th - 21st February 2021
Options forms available electronically Monday 1st February 2021
Tutor Group sessions with Leadership team  Between 2nd February and 26th February 2021
Year 9 Options evening including online options presentation to parents Wednesday 3rd March 2021 7.30pm
Deadline for submission of electronic options forms Wednesday 10th March 2021