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In Year 7, students start with historical mystery, developing the basic skills historians use to investigate the past. They follow this with a study of life Ancient Rome, considering the extent to which life in Rome can be considered to be amazing for all people. This is enhanced with a study of the medieval world, looking at the power of the Catholic Church and in-depth study of life in England in the 14th Century. The summer term focuses on a world study, looking at the Aztecs and their world. Year 7 ends with a thematic study of how British attitudes towards crime and punishment have changed over time, considering the growing important of rehabilitation.

In Year 8, students begin by studying Tudor England, focusing on key events and issues.  We then follow with several depth studies; students begin with a study the Transatlantic Slavery, before moving on to the Industrial Revolution and the British Empire in Africa. This is followed with an enquiry looking at the campaign for votes for women. The year ends with a study of the development of medicine throughout history time. 

In Year 9, history similarly begins with a study of the First World War, which involves students studying the causes and nature of the conflict. Students then study the “Roaring Twenties” in the USA and the rise of the Nazis in Germany. Year 9 ends with a comparative study of post war youth movements in Britain.

At GCSE, students study OCR History B (Schools History Project). This course has been chosen due to the variety and breadth of topics that students can study, including both modern and medieval history. In Year 10 we study the People’s Health, the Norman Conquest and a local site of historic significance. In Year 11 they study the Viking Expansion and Life in Nazi Germany. 

At A Level, we teach AQA GCE covering Britain, c1851–1964, focusing on the changes and developments that occurred during the latter half of the nineteenth century and the early twentieth century. The Europe depth study taught is France in Revolution, 1774-1815.  The coursework unit is a study of International relations in the Twentieth Century.  As a whole, the A Level course has been constructed with the aim of providing students with a very broad historical base - both in terms of the different countries studied, and in terms of the different types of history - so that they enjoy the variety of their studies.  Each year, a number of our students choose to continue their historical studies at university and we wholly support them in this process.