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It is important that all students understand the nature of science and its importance to our society whether they go on to study science at higher levels, work in science related areas or not.

Science is a very popular subject at Ilkley Grammar School at all age groups, with students reporting that they enjoy it and with large numbers of students choosing to study science post-16 (compared with local or national norms) and choosing separate sciences GCSE. Students enjoy the challenge science lessons offer and the variety of learning experiences they take part in. We are fortunate to have a teaching staff committed to giving students an insight to the exciting, stimulating and varied experience that is science, ensuring that all students, whatever their ability or interests, have the opportunity to achieve their personal best.

Students study science as part of a mixed ability group in year 7 and in ability sets from year 8. In year 9 students begin their GCSE course and have specialist teachers in biology, chemistry and physics. Students may choose to study separate science GCSE in year 10 and 11, though this is not a requirement for going on to study post-16 science and many of our students go on to enjoy and be successful in their post-16 science studies having followed the core and additional science route.

The science results at GCSE, AS and A2 have been consistently strong in terms of raw results and value added for many years and continue to be so.

Further information on learning this term can be found here.

Summer 2017 - Science.pdf (511.2KB)

Year 10 into 11 Science Intervention work.

 Cells Microscopy Movement of substances.pdf (563KB)

Cells diffusion osmosis Questions.pdf (319.8KB)

Cells diffusion osmosis MS.pdf (260.2KB)

EM Electromagnetism intervention booklet.pdf (779.8KB)

FM Forces and Motion intervention booklet.pdf (696KB)

Gas Exchange and Blood.pdf (395.5KB)

M Motion intervention booklet.pdf (810.7KB)

W and EW Waves - Waves and Electromagnetic Waves intervention booklet.pdf (752.1KB)

Y10 chem Intervention energy changes.pdf (1.1MB)

Y10 Chem Intervention atomic structure.pdf (609.7KB)