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Years 7-11 Students


“Nature is written in mathematical language”, Galileo.  

Maths Curriculum Overview

Mathematics is at the core of the curriculum for a very good reason; it is both fascinating and beautiful subject in its own right, and a highly applicable foundation for understanding the world around us. A sound grasp of mathematical principles is important for everyday life, underpinning financial literacy and understanding of risk. But it is also the key that unlocks our understanding of many other subjects beyond mathematics; science, technology, and engineering, as well as social sciences, such at economics and psychology.  

At Ilkley Grammar School, we aim to develop resilient mathematicians who can make connections between different areas of mathematics, communicate their reasoning clearly (verbally and in a written form), solve complex problems and apply their reasoning to real life. A deep understanding of mathematics will help students to develop as learners, not just of mathematics, allowing them to take an increasing responsibility for their own learning. As they make more and more connections within mathematics, they will recognise the mathematical structures and logical reasoning required for both other academic subjects, and for applications in the wider world. Respectful mathematical discussion will help students develop a voice to articulate their reasoning beyond the classroom and will give them the vocabulary and courage to ask crucial inquiry-based questions so that students begin to generate as well as acquire knowledge.

We currently follow the Edexcel specifications for GCSE Mathematics and AS/Year 12 Mathematics and Further Mathematics, and OCR specifications for A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics.

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