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Years 7-11 Students

Physical Education

Core PE Curriculum Overview

GCSE PE Curriculum Overview

At Ilkley Grammar School, we believe that Physical Education and Sport is fundamental to ensuring our young people stay fit and healthy both mentally and physically throughout their life.  

We study Physical Education to develop our knowledge of the body; to learn about and participate in a wide range of sports; and to maintain good health and well-being. Through competitive sport, we encourage and nurture leadership skills and teamwork; giving students greater confidence and self-esteem; and a great platform on which to build throughout students’ working and personal lives. All 6 IGS values run explicitly throughout the PE curriculum, students are encouraged and taught to show, respect, courage, responsibility, kindness, resilience and pride. 

Key Aims: 

  1. Developing competence and excel in a broad range of physical activities and sports
  2. Lead healthy active lifestyles in order to maintain good health and well being 
  3. Engage in competitive sports and activities

Our PE curriculum ensures students have the opportunity to develop a broad range of specific skills across a variety of sports and activities and to develop knowledge of the body as well as a range of theoretical concepts.  We encourage students to work together in order to develop teamwork and leadership skills as well as a baseline physical fitness to enable them to achieve success in the activities undertaken. We believe that leadership skills are invaluable in later life, regardless of a students’ chosen career path.  

The key concepts which underpin our PE curriculum are summarised below. 

Key Concepts: 

  • Developing skills and techniques 
  • Use a range of tactics and strategies to overcome opponents in competitive sports and physical activities 
  • Knowledge and understanding of healthy active lifestyle 
  • Analyse their own and others performance 
  • Take part in competitive sport both inside and outside of school


By using the key concepts above, we develop each sport and activity in a series of sequenced sessions which help the students understand their learning and make excellent progress. Our activity blocks allow students to develop key techniques and strategies, to develop physical and mental capacity, to learn ways to outwit opponents, and to learn how to analyse performance.   

The curriculum is sequenced in this way, to allow all students to gain experience in a broad range of activities and build on their own knowledge of sport, health and well-being so that they continue to lead healthy active lifestyles when they leave IGS. 

Further Study & Career Pathways 

We offer a clear pathway at IGS from KS3 to KS4 and KS5 which encourage students to gain the highest qualifications in Physical Education and to pursue careers in this field. We have the highest ambitions for our students and want them to be the best they can be and always aim high. Previous student destinations include Loughborough and Bath University to study Sports Science, Physiotherapy and Sports Technology. In addition to a large number of students continuing to exercise and compete in recreational sport when they leave IGS; we also have a significant number of students who excel in their chosen sports. We are extremely proud of past students who have gone on to play cricket, rugby and football professionally at a national and international level, alongside being selected for National Centres of Excellence in cycling and triathlon.  

Trips and Visits 

We have specifically chosen a range of activities at IGS which allow students to confidently access our quality extra-curricular programme. In addition, we run a broad programme of trips and visits, including annual ski trips and various sports tours. Students participating in these visits often use footage from the trip towards GCSE and A level practical assessments. KS4 students are also given the opportunity to participate in sports in community venues during their PE lessons. Examples include Ilkley Tennis Club & Gym, Clip and Climb and Nuffield Gym.  

Participation, Competitive Sport & Community Links 

Participation, excellence and celebrating success are the key principles underpinning our competitive sport programme. We run an extensive extra-curricular programme, designed to give our students the opportunity to develop leadership skills, team work, commitment, friendships and the chance to compete at county, regional and national levels in a range of sports. Many of our students progress to joining clubs in the local community. We boast excellent links with ILSTC, Ilkley Rugby club, Ilkley Gym and Ben Rhydding Hockey club amongst many others. In addition, a number of IGS students compete at a national and international standard in their chosen sports.  Each year, we celebrate success in a number of different ways, including Colours Assemblies for participation and a Sports Presentation Evening to celebrate excellence. 

Further Information:

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