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Design Technology

We are proud to offer challenging and rewarding educational opportunities across all year groups. 

Our students particularly enjoy our 'hands on' approach to making quality products that they can take home.. The staff team comprises of four  full time and three part time subject teachers with three specialised support technicians. Our dedicated teaching rooms are located in and adjacent to the main school building with two Food, two Textiles, and four Product Design teaching spaces. In addition we have a purpose fitted CAD (Computer Aided Design) suite. Our motivation is to inspire the students of Ilkley Grammar School to be creative, solve problems and make high quality products. We believe this approach will maximise individual student learning. All our students study four discrete projects including Food, Textiles and two Product Design courses in Years 7 and 9.

In Year 9 all the students study Essential Design and Technology  and have the option to extend their ability in specialised Food, Textiles, Resistant Materials and Electronic Products courses.

 In Key Stage 4 the students make a free choice within the available school options. Within this framework we currently offer the following GCSE subjects: Food, Textiles, Electronic Products and Resistant Materials. Around 18 of our students progress each year to A Level Product Design.

Further information on learning this term can be found here.