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Years 7-11 Students


Curriculum Overview

Citizenship education forms an important part of students wider Personal Development during their time at IGS. Core Citizenship knowledge will be delivered by form tutors as a part of the PBT programme across the course of the year. Citizenship content has intentionally been placed into PBT with the aim of strengthening the school community and fostering a deeper relationship with the form tutor and with PBT sessions, acting as a springboard to active citizenship around school and more widely.

The core content is complemented by stage appropriate assemblies and launches of whole school initiatives such as charities week, the iLeader programme, and the School Council. Active Citizenship opportunities go hand in hand with leadership development and, as students move up the school, they begin to operate and have an influence beyond the school gates. Within school senior students will increasingly design and plan initiatives alongside members of staff, for example the PBT and Eco-iLeaders. By delivering citizenship content through PBT, theory translates naturally into practice and citizenship and the community are understood as living things not abstract entities.

Citizenship education aims to provide students with the knowledge, skills and understanding to prepare them to play a full and active part in society. Students should be ready to take their place in society as accountable citizens, ready to make sound financial decisions and mange their money well.   We want students to be aware of how laws are made and upheld, understand democracy and how government and public services work. We want students to be able to engage with, and be articulate about, social and political issues, to debate, to balance evidence and to be reasoned in their arguments.

Please see the curriculum overview for more detail on the curriculum content for each year group.

How Citizenship fits into the Personal Development Curriculum

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