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English is a vital subject for all students, both at school and for later life.

Overall we aim to enthuse our students with a love of language and literature, as well as developing their ability to think for themselves. More specifically our aims can be summarised in four key points. Firstly, to promote effective communication through reading, writing, speaking and listening. Secondly, to stimulate our students' creativity and imagination. Thirdly, to develop critical skills when exploring the different type of texts we come across, from reading novels to investigating the media. Finally we aim to broaden students' cultural understanding by introducing them to texts from our literary heritage as well as from other cultures.

We also believe in taking English beyond the classroom and offer a wide variety of exciting opportunities to students of all ages. We run a creative writing club, organise trips to the theatre, offer writing workshops with famous writers and have close ties with the Ilkley Literature festival. Sixth form students can opt to go on our Stratford-London trip and can benefit from lunchtime enrichment sessions intended to broaden their reading and so better prepare them for university.

Our students feel that English teachers' enthusiasm for their subject makes lessons enjoyable and challenging, and they appreciate the constructive feedback received about how to improve further. Our results at Key Stage 3, GCSE and A-Level are very good and our priority now is to make them outstanding.

A selection of reading ideas for students Y7-9 can be found here:


Welcome to the English revision hub. Here are some downloadable resources to help you revise effectively for your English exams, together with a handy guide with some suggested revision activities.


An Inspector Calls -knowledge organiser Jekyll and Hyde - knowledge organiser Jekyll and Hyde practice exam questions
Knowledge Organiser Language Paper 2 Lord of the Flies - knowledge organiser

Macbeth 7 practice questions

Macbeth - knowledge organiser Macbeth revision grid Act by Act
Power and Conflict Poetry - knowledge organiser Sign of Four - knowledge organiser Sign of Four practice exam questions

Revision Launch power point presentation

Revision Strategies booklet