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Years 7-11 Students


Curriculum Overview

Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education 

Personal social health and economic (PSHE) Education develops the whole person. Through the curriculum, we aim to inspire our students to understand their rights and responsibilities as UK and global citizens as well as developing the skills and attributes that they will need to be active, responsible, informed citizens in the ever changing local, national and global landscape. Areas covered and discussed will also aid in students spiritual, moral, social and cultural development as well as their understanding of British Values and the IGS Personal Best Values. This will allow students to explore and develop their own values and attitudes and explore the complex and conflicting range of attitudes they will encounter now and in the future. Furthermore, students will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to speak up and speak out with courage in the face of injustice and discrimination, refusing to be bystanders and to celebrate diversity and treat others with tolerance and kindness. Educating students to be empowered by knowledge, will enable them to critically analyse their online and offline presence, evaluate the acceptability of a range of relationship behaviours, challenge and identify discriminatory views, develop their self-awareness, understand how to maintain physical and mental health and show courage and resilience to succeed in life in their chosen pathway.

The PSHE curriculum is personalised, inclusive, age appropriate, rooted in research and is ever-changing to respond to emerging school-specific, local, national, and global patterns and trends. PSHE educators will use distancing techniques to support and keep students safe and all staff will regularly signpost students to sources of support inside and outside school. Assessment in lessons will allow students to reflect on their learning and implications for their lives to identify any future learning needs.

Each term we will focus in on a different strand of the curriculum. The three strands are:

  1. Living in the Wider World
  2. Health and Wellbeing
  3. Relationships and sex

Further information:

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